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2013 Garden Parking and Shuttle Schedule

May 2nd, 2007 · 8 Comments · News

This is the second-busiest and trailhead in the Adirondacks accessing the High Peaks Wilderness. The lot is filled most of the summer so hikers should prepare for using the shuttle for access.

Now Operating for 2013 Hiking Season, a fee of $7.00 (Canadian @ current exchange rate) per day for parking in The Garden Lot.

This daily fee will continue through the month of October.

An attendant will be at the Garden Lot from 1:00pm until 7:00pm on Fridays and from 7:00am until 7:00pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays during this period.

Town Employees and DEC Rangers will monitor the lot during the week.


A sign at the corner of Market and Adirondack Streets will indicate when the Garden Lot is closed.

The hiker-shuttle will operate from the Southwest corner of Marcy Field, off Route 73, when the Garden Parking is full.

Generally, the shuttle begins operation two holiday weekends in May (Victoria Day, Memorial Day). Daily operation begins last weekend in June and continues through Columbus Weekend mid-October.

The Shuttle will NORMALLY leave Marcy Field parking lot every 1/2 hour and on the hour.

A fee of $5.00 American (Canadian @ current exchange rate) will be charged per person for a round trip.

Information and Rates are as of 2013.

More Info:

Current Interior Conditions in the Adirondack High Peaks Region

Special Rules – High Peaks Wilderness

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  • Makes no difference

    This paying for parking is a load of crap! It’s just the locals way to scrounge more money off the people that emjoy the out of doors. Hmmm. Last I was at the Garden was 15 yrs ago. It looks like I will not ever be going in through these trails to access the big peaks.
    The greed for money will only create a society where the rich can do the things we all love very similar to what happened during the guide times of the 1800s.
    Thank you for being so greedy and taking the step to screw future generatinos.

  • AdkWalrus

    I really don’t think the $5/day charge has anything to do with greed. It’s far less expensive than parking at the Loj, and helps pay for the service that the town is providing, both in terms of the lot itself and the shuttle service. The lot has been overfull more summer weekends than not in recent years, and it’s only fair to compensate the person on duty for running things well and making sure as many people can park there as possible.

  • TourPro

    I’m not sure how many cars that lot holds, but it’s pretty small. This really is the only way to do things.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing NO PARKING and making people walk all the way up. That would reduce the number of people accessing the High Peaks there significantly. Plus, it would make a Great Range hike so much more fun.

  • Makes no difference

    Walrus..You are from Connecticut and your standard of living is not what it is here. Thanks for your NON-NY opinion.

    TourPro. that idea suits me much better.

  • Amy

    off topic, but have you seen this yet?

  • TourPro

    That’s pretty interesting and a very cool idea.

    I’m already moderating a photo contest, that’s not so time-consuming. Imagine listening a load of submitted audio each morning?!

    OK. Skype-in phone number, voice-mail automatically uploaded to website. We could also take email, text, etc. A really perfect use for Tumblr. Sort of like Howie Carr’s Chump-line 2.0-style. We would have sponsored Skype-phones in various points-of-interest to take live commentary from tourists. Real-time testimonials.

    Unofficially, I can also think of some other more colorful places to put these phones.

  • Adam

    Hey, I saw you guys were discussing I just wanted to chime in quickly regarding how it works so if you wanted to implement something like this for the Adirondacks (and you had a little bit of programming experience), you could… The back-end of the phone system is built using VoiceXML and Asterisk (two freely available technologies). When hikers call in, they enter their mile mark location with the touch tone keypad. Then they record their message. The audio and location data is automatically posted to the site. I have a database that translates each mile mark number into latitude and longitude, so it can automatically placed on a map. Thanks for taking interest in TrailPhone. If you’ve got any questions / ideas, lemme know. – Adam

  • TourPro

    Adam, that is very cool – pre-geocoded mile markers!

    I floated the idea of putting “tourist” phones at some key points-of-interest, but like any discussion of user-generated-content(starting to hate that term), it creates fear among traditionalists. “What if they say something bad?”

    I kind of think that real-time testimonials would be cool, but then again, I’d also want to strap a GPS transmitter or RFID chip on every tourist coming in here.

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