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Communism touted for Saranac Lake

June 23rd, 2006 · 4 Comments · News

StalinNow that the Walmart has been somewhat nullified through local agitation and a ball-less decision through zoning rules, we have amateurs in business contemplating the idea of a cooperative retail store for Saranac Lake. This should be interesting to watch.

Well it is quite possible that this could work. We’ve even got a little mini-socialist coop in Plattsburgh. It’s quite the, er, survivor.

Sorry, maybe Communist and Socialist might be a little too extreme. After all these movements were typically led by a charismatic leader. For all the reasons that Walmart was rejected, these people think they can do it better through local ownership. The next thing that they will want to do is print their own currency “to keep the money local”. All visitors to Saranac Lake will be required to exchange their Capitalist “All-American” Money for Saranac Lake “Local Exchange Certificates”. I guess you could say I’m somewhat skeptical that this will work.

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  • ~bc

    Why would you care who owned the store? Could you not shop at it regardless? But wouldn’t you rather your money go to your neighbors and community than an int’l behemoth? Think beyond the McCathyistic stereotypes. God forbid people work together for a common goal! Damn them volunteer fire departments, too! Those not-for-profit pinkos!

  • TourPro

    Your right I don’t care who owns the store. I’m also not sure how to define neighbors and community anymore. Seriously, couldn’t you see beyond the microcosm of your physical location. Do you eat only food produced within a 50 mile radius? Is the material of your clothes locally produced?

    Comparing the activity of funding, building and operating a retail type business of a scale which the community (huh?) wants to a volunteer fire department is odd to me. Such activities, though organizational in nature clearly have a different mission and measure of worth.

    Is not “Walmart” a group of people working toward a common goal? Anyway, we each measure profit in different ways. It is certainly possible for such a venture to succeed, but in my experience these are typically of small scale, catering to a limited, often ‘elite’ clientele. You have to admit the odds of success do not favor this type of business. Wyoming and New York are like two completely different planets when it comes to business climate. Add the “Blue Line” and you have an incredibly challenging environment to operate in.

    Who can buy shares? I might if the price and benefit of the goods, services, and “feel good” were right. I just think the motives which drive such a venture do not add up to what is necessary to create a successful business. Seriously, why not just have Walmart come in and build up a nice store, then all the Saranac Lakers could form up a nice enclave and nationalize the whole thing. What a boon to Essex County manufacturers and producers! The could have an immediate ‘state-of-the-art’ retail store. I’m sure most of the workers would choose to stay now that a new benevolent force has taken over. Jobs for life, free and unlimited health care for each employee and extended family, 35 hour work weeks just like France, 2 months paid vacation, heck why not Unionize too?, free Childcare, pension, timeshare at local resorts, la la la.

    Or you could have already been able to buy a pair of frickin underwear without having to drive 60 miles.

  • evilwalmart

    Geez! A community department store is the definition of capitalism! How is forming a corporation and selling shares in the company communism? And, where has anyone said a community department store could compete with a big box store. Would you be in favor of Wal-Mart building in the ADK base camp area?

  • Mark


    I’m watching your community from the outside. I live in “everytown” America, where one house looks like the next, one street just like another. I applaud the people of Saranac Lake for attempting to hold on to those values they hold dear, trying to support one another. It used to be that each region of our country offered a little something different to folks. We’re losing that. I buy local when I can, but it’s becoming impossible. Hold on Saranac Lake. Don’t give in to WM. You are an example to the rest of the country. I only know about this debate because I’m investigating moving to your town. What a treat it would be to know my neighbors — and have them know me — by name.

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