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HAROLD BROHINSKY – The Press Republican’s Loony Left

August 10th, 2006 · No Comments · News

Today’s news is surely tourism related:

UK Terror Plot

I love this guy:

Bush is our greatest threat

Don’t be fooled: Bush and Cheney aren’t incompetent. They’re just not working for you and me.

Apparently he thinks that the majority of voters who selected these gentlemen don’t include “you and me”. What an arrogant asshat. Uh, Hello Harold!, that election was years ago. You lost. Doofus.

Face it, The greatest potential threat to American democracy isn’t from foreigners who “hate our freedoms.” It’s from those greedy politicians in Washington.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the true threat to American democracy is the rabid liberal left-wing and their lapdogs in the vestigal “mainstream media”. Harold Brohinsky must have woken up this morning, heard the news and is now madly trying to figure out how Bush is responsible for this.

Contact the Press Republican to share your thoughts. I’m out.

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