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The Snow Smells Like Bacon

October 17th, 2006 · No Comments · News

This is it, election season. The Adirondacks are littered with signs proclaiming one over another. Propaganda abounds. Typically, I’d have no time for politics, especially in New York, but this news release is worth making fun of analyzing:

N.Y. Power Authority And Olympic Regional Development Authority to Enhance Energy-Efficiency At Whiteface And Gore Mountains: $5.7 Million Initiative Will Reduce Electricity and Fuel Usage for Snowmaking Process

NYPA Chairman Frank S. McCullough, Jr. and President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy S. Carey joined ORDA President and CEO Ted Blazer Thursday to announce plans for a nearly $5.7 million energy efficiency initiative that is expected to reduce the Olympic facilities’ annual utility bills by more than $430,000 from reduced electricity and fuel usage. NYPA will recover its costs over 10 years by sharing in the savings.

Huh? I’m confused.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is providing a $275,000 grant for the pending project, with the overall costs to be further lowered by grants of $320,000 from the Petroleum Overcharge Restitution Fund, which was established to provide restitution to consumers for overcharges by major petroleum companies in the past. In New York State, the fund is administered by NYPA.

WTF is the Petroleum Overcharge Restitution Fund and why does NYPA get to administer it? I believe that some of that money is owed to me.
Anyway, a local candidate recently had this to say:

(Tim Merrick) said the pork barrel spending Little’s brought back to the district will end if Democrat Eliot Spitzer is elected governor. “A few things will change in November regardless of my election,” he said. “You all know Eliot Spitzer’s going to be our next governor. He’s great, he’s going to shake things up and that member money is going to change.”


He said the amount of money she has secured amounts to just $4.91 per North Country resident.

Statewide, the average amount of pork per district is $10 per person, Merrick said.

“We might want to ask where our other $5.09 is,” he said.

“Even when it comes to pork, Betty isn’t half as good as the average senator at ‘bringing home the bacon.'”

Nice campaign platform. “I can get more pork!” At least he is clear about how government in New York works. It’s clear from the latest Tax Foundation study, New York is not in a position to waste money.

Anyway, back to ORDA. We can’t forget about federal pork. Did you know that the length of an agency’s name and the pronouncibility of its acronym has a direct bearing on the amount of funding it is able to garner?

So next time someone asks how the snow is, tell them it’s as smooth as frozen lard.

Congressional freedom o’ acshun also allows Congressmen an’ Senators ta hold out on certain bills in orda ta pull down pork fo’ their districts. Often uh reluctant vote has ta be won ova by pet projects or jobs fo’ allies. In da Senate, small state Senators are mo’ likely ta hold out than large state Senators are. Congressional freedom o’ acshun also gives mo’ powa ta lobbyists. Compared ta America, parliamentary nations gots far fewa lobbyists pa capita.

More News:

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Placid reveals conference center designs – another conference center…

Earlier this month, ORDA unveiled the initial designs for the conference center that the state is building at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid.

The state has given ORDA about $20 million to build the new conference center.

The need for a new commitment to fiscal accountability in Albany. . .

All eyes on Mr. Silver

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