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Adirondack Ghouls during Christmas

December 27th, 2006 · 9 Comments · Miscellania

Some of my readers might notice the news sidebar on this site. That’s the place where I tag news items of interest as deemed by me, The Editor. Never one to hold out on another Adirondacker, especially one of the few really good bloggers in our area, my technique was shared with the Almanack. I suppose the definition of what is “Adirondack” news can be loose and free, even I stray occasionally.

OK, so I tagged an article about the Canadian forces surrounding a group of Taliban in Afghanistan. With the obvious mainstream media bias, good news from our conflict in the Middle East is hard to come by. Agree or disagree, we have friends, neighbors, and FELLOW AMERICANS fighting and dying over there right now while we fritter away here.

LGF and others have noted the “Disgusting and Ghoulish Beyond Belief” Associated “Press” story entitled “US Iraq Deaths Exceed 9/11 Count“. Imagine my surprise to find this article tagged under “adknews” !!! Well as we say in the North Country, “Merry Frickin’ Christmas”.

My message to those “over there” – Illegitimi Non Carborundum

Update: Before you ever believe another “report” from AP or if you still believe in their objectivity, read this: Jamil Hussein controversy. The “fake but accurate” Dan Rather fans may simply move along.

I agree, 9/11 and Iraq, there is a connection.

This is Why

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  • Adirondack Almanack

    The reason I posted that story is because I don’t intend to “fritter away” while a war killing thousands every month continues unabated.

    Comparison to 9/11 is right because many of the Adirondackers I talk to still believe the two are linked. I find it offensive that LGF would call the article “an empty-headed, amoral attempt to equate things that are not equivalent” – how ironic.

    I’m a veteran and damn proud of it, and I’m also an American who joins many Iraq veterans in opposing the outrageous liars whose political machinations have trumped their concern for the men and women who serve at the President’s command.

    Not reporting the occassional piece of Iraq war news in the “Adirondack News” section of my blog would be an insult to those who serve – and my neighbors who have been killed and wounded.

  • TourPro

    Thanks for your service.

    I’ll agree that 9/11 is a significant event, but this clash of civilizations (aka Jihad) existed long before you and I. Outrageous liars, political machinations? I’m a little dull sometimes, probably cuz I’m luxuriating with really excellent Mexican food in California right now. If you provide me with some solid evidence of “lies” – you know, like putting top secret papers in underwear, fake memos, fake photos, etc – I’ll be happy to help publicize those facts.

    Jon Carry

  • Adirondack Almanack

    More and more I’m inclined not to carry on these kind of discussions online – so I won’t take the bait.

    But I will say this – we fought a war in Vietnam that killed millions of Vietnamese peasants, more than 50,000 Americans, and ruined the lives of many more on both sides. Now that Vietnam is a trading partner, I’m at a loss to explain to the families of those folks why we as a country thought it was appropriate for THEM to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    What exactly did we gain by that? I can look around and see a lot that we lost – but what gain? Some would argue, and I was one of those until perhaps fifteen years ago, that Vietnam was the right thing to do. They (as I once did) go on about our freedom as if fighting in Vietnam (or Iraq) has anything to do with it. The Vietnamese, just like the Iraqis, were no threat to the United States or our freedoms – if they were, then we are in sorry shape.

    Both wars represent in my mind a waste of good people and enormous resources for the benefit of few military contractors and pundits – pure and simple and while I’m willing to support appropriate military actions (Bosnia comes to mind), this one I can’t and still sleep soundly at night.

    I hope you enjoyed the Mexican – it would not surprise me if someday, they are the enemy too – especially given the long history our cultural conflict .

    That reminds me of an interesting historical point. Native Americans were the enemy of American (European) culture for a long time according to the popular imagination and the military / politicos – but all the while we were “defending” ourselves against them – the fact was that the biggest massacre of white people in the American West was at Mountain Meadows and who perpetrated that? Mormons.

  • TourPro

    I am a product of revolution. My family was driven from China by the Communists, those left behind died or suffered. That was part of a much larger conflict known now as the Cold War. I suppose you would support Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, et al. Me, I prefer to look at the bigger picture. If you think that the war in Iraq is an isolated incident that has no further ramifications to our future and the future of millions of others, then I think this conversation is clearly fruitless.

    Mexico? I have no issues with anyone who wishes to enter our country and live the good life. My father immigrated -legally- studied, worked, supported other family members doing the same so that I could have a better life. I only take issue with those that don’t follow our laws and take advantage of our generosity. Don’t preach to me about Whites – you are absolutely correct that the Euro-Caucasians have a terrible record. You may consider yourself “enlightened”, but the Islamo-fascists would cut your throat just the same.

  • Adirondack Almanack

    Well, you’ve proven to me once again why I don’t bother with online debate too much anymore. You didn’t address a single one of the issues I put forth.

    Not only that, but you have insulted the very “Americans serving right now” that you so vehemently claim to support with the picture you posted (and now apparently removed) in your first comment – apparently you believe that American men and women serving in Iraq are only deserving of respect if they abide by your political viewpoints. This is doubly proven by your claim: “I suppose you would support Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, et al.”

    For your information, I served during the Cold War so your insinuation is an out and out insult to this veteran. I’m also a honorary member of the Koh Tang Beach Club for my service to the men who fought and died there – you’ll probably have to put away your hyperbole for a minute and look that one up, because, you probably haven’t got the slightest idea about Vietnam aside from a few TV documentaries. I’ll ask again (but please don’t answer, becuase I’m done with this conversation) – what did we gain from Vietnam? More than 50,000 American (and millions of Vietnamese) dead – for what?

    And while I’m at it, and you’re busy insulting American men and women who have served and those who serve now because they don’t adhere to your political fantasies – tell us when you served those fantasies. If it’s such a noble cause why are you not serving right now? Certainly, liberal media bias about how bad it is there aside, there is room for a Tour Pro in Green Zone – if not you can go to Vietnam, I’ve been there recently, and it’s filled with American war vets touring the sites of their fallen comrades.

    You’ve done a fair job calling names – I’m a Stalinist, they’re Islamo-facist – I suggest you think more critically. I’m a lot more scared of Chinese Wal-mart products destroying America’s ability to compete in the world, educate its children, and feed and care for the elderly, than any of “them” coming over here to my mountain abode and “cutting my throat.” And the facts prove, that American right-wing terrorist have killed many, many, more Americans than any Islamist – who by the way, were from SAUDIA ARABIA!

    The odds are a lot better that some right-winger will kill me long before an Islamist. Remember Lincoln, JFK, RFK, MLK Jr., family planning doctors, neo-Nazi immigrant hunters, the Olympic bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, an Asian right-wing nutjob in Montreal killing all those women years ago? Come to think of it – if you really cared about Americans, and American values, you would do something to try and stop the unrelenting murder of women and girls in this country.

    My guess is that doesn’t have enough macho politico cache for you.

  • TourPro

    And the facts prove, that American right-wing terrorist have killed many, many, more Americans than any Islamist – who by the way, were from SAUDIA ARABIA!

    Uh, yeah, Ok.  You truly scare me.

  • Mad Dawg

    NOTE: this is not meant to “answer” any of Adirondack Almanacks points.

    The reason the outcome of the Vietnam war is hard to explain, as Col. Summers showed in his excellent analysis, is that the purpose of the war was NOT explained, and the people of the US were not rallied behind it. For many, the first they knew of the Vietnam war was that people were protesting against it. So we lost the war. We could have won it militarily — even the Vietnamese agree that we DID win it militarily — but we lost it because we did not have the political will to win.

    Christians have been martyred in Vietnam since we lost there. That’s a threat to world freedom, IMHO. Saddam was involved with the first bombing of the WTC, a plot to take the life of Bush41, several radar locks on US aircraft, and defiance of numerous UN resolutions. While reasonable people can differ, there is ample evidence to suggest a continuing relationship between Iraq and other terrorists before and after 9-11. I tend to follow Mylroie’s analysis. Further, since we went into Iraq, Iran has certainly and Syria has probably sent in surrogates to fight us and to stir up death and confusion in Iraq.

    People have already forgotten how when we went into Afghanistan, Libya all of a sudden started making nice. Certainly those against the current war never mention a single one of the benefits in increased safety and security for US citizens at home and abroad. The Hate America First gang (and no, Adirondack Almanack, I’m NOT making a veiled reference to you when I say that, stay cool) forgets the Marine Barracks murders, the murder of Leon Klinghoffer (not sure of the spelling here), an innocent old guy in a wheel chair whom heroic sons of the Prophet pushed over the side of a cruise ship as a what they thought was a brave act of defiance against the US. Have we forgotten Munich? What will it take us to say and mean that we’ve had enough of this?

    It is time, it is PAST time to realize that if we are not prepared to risk the lives of our honorable and cherished troops to demonstrate convincingly to these murderous thugs that blowing up babies in coffee shops is simply intolerable, they will bring that kind of thing to the Starbucks near you.

    When we started the WOT liberals and their media running dogs hadn’t put it together that effective prosecution of the war would make a Republican look good. As soon as they realized that, they began a protracted campaign to break the political will to win either in Iraq or in general. For example: the same network that sat on the Juanita Broaderick story rushed a pack of lies about Bush to the screen. The drumbeat of one-sided criticism from Reuters, Al AP, WaPo and NYT, as well as CBSNBCABCCNNPSMNBC and the rest is remarkable to those of us who follow the war carefully.

    People like Adirondack Almanack throw around the word “lies” and when asked for some substantiation they call it “bait”. Willingly or not, they are contributing to the war against the US of the so-called “mainstream media”. Others insist that we are in Iraq for revenge, and then say that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9-11 and that it somehow is relevant that more or less as many troops have died in the WOT as died on 9-11. But those who were paying attention and who remember see this for the attempt to sap the will of the people that it truly is. WMD were not the only or even the main reason for going into Iraq. Niether was the 9-11. Qhat we’re about is fighting a persistent, barbaric, perverted, utterly dishonest enemy to the point that they decide joining civilization is easier than the weird, suicidal life they’ve chosen for themselves. But you’d never know that from watching TV or reading the newspapers.

    Somebody said that democracies die by suicide. We’re not even close to dead yet, but there are many in the US who won’t begin to fight back until the enemy has killed someone they love. I’m lucky. My sister just lost precious possessions in the 9-11 but she’s fine. A kid I used to baby-sit for lost his life in WTC1, and his first child was born to his widow months after he died.

    I commend the President. I support this war, imperfect as it is. I want us to continue to prosecute it until the Islamowackos learn to act like civilzed people. If we don’t, they will bring their madness to your doorstep. THEN you will fight or watch your loved ones die. It’s really that simple.

  • TourPro

    “Eat Pork or Die”

    I cannot wait for one of these shirts. Thanks Dawg.

  • Mad Dawg

    TourPro — I am so BUSTED! LOL!

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