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Politics and SEO

January 31st, 2008 · 3 Comments · Destination Marketing, Miscellania

I should turn this into an “asides” blog. This was noted over at Google Blogscoped.

I don’t know who else is using Google Suggest, I’ve had it turned on for so long it is almost second-nature now.

A Popular Question

What’s next? Optimizing for suggestions? That’s based on the most frequent searches. How do you do that? Is this a source of marketing intelligence? A new branding metric? For power Google searchers, it’s amazing how accurate those suggestions are. And freakishly weird that other people are searching for the same arcane thing. The Hivemind is really something amazing. The recent spasm of Googlebombing Scientology makes me wonder if suggestions could be a fresh target for blackhat seo’s.

Travel Suggest

Vacation suggest

Adirondack Suggest

Lake Placid Suggest

OK, now I see. Don’t waste your time on “expert” advice. These would be the keywords that you need to focus on if you want to rank for your intended SERP. Anyone who uses this trick owes me a lunch.

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