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Who Started This Mess?

January 27th, 2009 · 1 Comment · News

Chucky SchumerIt’s a really good time to take a ride in the Time Machine to see where this all started.  Then head over to NYCO for a reality-check and a cool video of Cossacks.

The economic crisis has only underscored a key truth about who we are: New Yorkers are not nice people. They are, at heart — and from whatever region they hail from — proud survivalists. They are egotists. It’s why Upstaters never give an inch (at least in their own minds) to the encroachments of Downstate. It’s why the spirit of the Big Apple is that they’re God’s gift to the Universe.

I’m not sure I like the idea, ideologically, of an all-out unholy-alliance pork-assault on Obama’s stimulus efforts (whenever they comes along). It implies a collapse of order, and too much potential unfairness if progressives (and/or Upstaters) don’t fight for their share. Self-interest can easily turn into elite self-interest. That said, at least Schumer is conscious of his own power and the potential power of a united New York. It’s why I think Gillibrand wasn’t a poor choice. But just because we’re riding with the Cossacks now doesn’t mean anyone should stop watching their back.

“Unholy-alliance Pork-assault” – That’s pretty good.

The Emperor Chuck and his Yorker Hordes

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