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Now will you listen?

February 13th, 2009 · 3 Comments · News

Try to pay attention to what she says.

AP is starting a pool.

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  • Luke T. Bush

    So what’s your take on this video and the overall issue of the stimilus package? From the previous posts you attack pork; you question how the government spends our money. So do I. Unfortunately with our system, you have to eat fatty pork or starve.

    Do you know who created the video? I don’t see any ID of the producer. I’m always wary of front organizations and astroturfers.


  • TourPro

    The idea is not her’s, it has been going around for awhile. I think the YouTube account belongs to the reporter in question.

    I think we need to differentiate between “the system” and “the government”. Our social contract will always be a debate about what government should do. I think it is clear that for many, this is about more than a simple “Stimulus”.

    But I digress. I think the significance of this video is more than just the idea of a tax holiday. As pointed out by AP and many others, this particular economist has special powers of persuasion.

  • jsr

    Oh puuuuhleaze.

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