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Adirondack Tea Parties 2009

April 15th, 2009 · 4 Comments · News

USA Tea Party 2009

USA Tea Parties 4/15/09

When you consider that we are the Most Burdened State in the Nation, you would expect more action here.

Adirondack Tea Parties 4/15/2009 Large Map

Contact me, or leave a comment if you know of any other Adirondack Tea Party locations.

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  • anonymous

    This is purely a highly organized right-wing Republican effort to anger Americans. See it for what it is – and don’t get suckered in. We’re in enough of a mess – we don’t need these (Karl) Rovian measures to keep us apart any more – those days should be over

  • TourPro

    Wingnuts who think using the word “Rove” actually helps them be convincing are simply moronic.

  • Amanda

    The political pundits keep insisting that the Tea Party movement doesn’t really stand for anything. Some Tea Party organizers insist that our economic and patriotic ills are a result of high taxes and our new President.

    From day one, has insisted that our grievances go well beyond an administration, a few policies, specific politicians, or a particular political party. The fuel behind our passion derives from the bipartisan destruction of our individual liberties, disrespect for our private property, and the shredding of our Constitution.

  • Kathleen Sirignano

    For anyone now who thinks this was just a Repub. party event, I would gather they were sadly mistaken. All of this was indeed a grassroots movement , and still is. If you don’t give a crap about your future or your childrens and grandchildrens as far as loosing the freedoms our American Fathers, sons and daughters died for is from one party you are sadly mistaken. Our rights are in danger, is that worth standing up for? Are you or someone you know working and living for your familys or for someone else? Do you think tax laws are fair for everyone, do you think somehow this not paying our debt is ok? Please tell me we believe this country is the Greatest in the World. That we will not give up our rights because someone says its best without questioning for whom. We are strong and we matter. This country and its people will not perish , we will always care. We will correct past mistakes all tho well meaning at that time to make a difference.YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE.

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