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Canadian Thanksgiving Day – Columbus Weekend Notice


If you are planning to recreate in the Adirondacks this Thanksgiving Day weekend, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation asks you to please remember the following:

High Peaks Wilderness AreaHIGH USAGE LEVELS: Visitors to the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness should be aware that trailhead parking lots and interior campsites will often fill to capacity on Thanksgiving Day/Columbus Day weekend. Please plan accordingly and seek backcountry recreation opportunities in other areas of the Adirondack Forest Preserve.


  • Know your physical abilities and the terrain you will be hiking – plan accordingly.
  • Know the weather forecast – plan and prepare accordingly.
  • Carry and use a map and compass
  • Carry plenty of water (2 liters/person), high energy foods and needed medications
  • Let someone know where you will be going and when you expect to return.
  • Contact DEC Forest Rangers at 518/891-0235 to report lost or injured hikers.

COOL WEATHER: Cooler temperatures have arrived in the mountains. Night-time and morning temperatures in the 40s and 30s (F) may be experienced, especially in higher elevations. Be prepared before entering the woods.

  • Pack extra non-cotton clothes, including a hat.
  • Take off and put on layers of clothing to regulate body heat.
  • Remember the sun sets earlier this time of year – so plan trips accordingly
  • Carry a flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries.

HUNTING SEASON: Autumn hunting seasons for small game and big game are open Hikers should be aware that they may meet hunters bearing firearms or archery equipment while hiking on trails. Please recognize that these are fellow outdoor recreationists with the legal right to participate in these activities on the Forest Preserve. Hunting accidents involving non-hunters are extremely rare. Hikers may want to wear bright colors as an extra precaution.

BEAR RESISTANT CANISTERS: Regulation requires the use of bear-resistant canisters by overnight users in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness between April 1 and November 30. NYSDEC encourages the use of bear resistant canisters throughout the Adirondacks.


  • Store all food, toiletries and garbage in bear resistant canisters.
  • If you are outside the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness you can use a food hang. Store all food, toiletries and garbage in the bag. Use a dark colored cord that is 25 meters long. Hang the bag 5 meters above the ground and at least 3 meters away from trees.
  • Keep food in bear-resistant canister or food hangs at all times – take down only what is needed for cooking and eating.
  • Never leave food unattended unless it is in a bear-resistant canister or in a food hang.
  • Cook early, no later than 5 p.m., and never cook or eat in your sleeping area.

Visit the Adirondack Trail Information web page for current weather forecasts, regulations, safety tips, trail conditions, and more.

Enjoy your visit to the Adirondacks!

Courtesy of: NYSDEC