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My Morning Tax Rant

January 22nd, 2009 · 2 Comments · News

A slowish news day in the North.  But not slow enough to ignore a couple tax-related items in the local press.

Everyone is having revenue/expenditure issues.  Whether you are a business trying to survive, a state-funded organization, or simply someone facing the certainty of an unprecedented swindle of epic proportions.  I’ve heard that the money involved in “the bailouts” equals all the money ever used since the beginning of the United States – all wars, everything included – even the liberally hated “War on Terror”.  Don’t even get me started about that Inauguration again.

It kills me when Newspapers opine about economics and survival:

We’ve said all along that, in an economic crisis, everyone has to expect cuts and share the pain. We continue to believe that.

His decision to freeze tax payments at current levels on all lands the state owns is not the same thing as cutting a service. It is nothing more than a transfer of disaster from his bailiwick to others’.

I think their minimal reporting on the history and implication of the Dillenburg case precludes them from editorial on the subject.  If you haven’t heard about Dillenburg, I recommend a thorough search and long cogitation about the actual origin of “State tax payments”.

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