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Coon Mountain Circuit

An intermediate 18.5-mile route through Essex and Whallonsburg, NY

This route includes Split Rock Mountain, WebbRoyce Swamp, and Coon Mountain. Watch for bald eagles, peregrine falcons, osprey, herons, porcupines and endangered timber rattlesnakes. The Split Rock tract and Webb Royce Swamp are owned by New York State, and represent the longest undeveloped tract (4.3 miles) on Lake Champlain.

Iron ore was mined from Split Rock in 1870, and a granite company also operated here. Extracted resources in the 1900s were primarily logs and maple sap. Maple candy was packed into birch bark baskets and shipped by rail all over the nation. The Split Rock trail head provides access to several old woods roads, conducive to hiking and cross country skiing.

0.0Essex Ferry Dock.
0.0S on County 9/Main St.
0.3R on School Rd.
0.5Unpaved for 1.1 miles.
1.7L on County 66/Middle Rd.
2.9R on Christian Rd.
3.6Unpaved for 0.5 mile.
5.0R on County 55/Whallons Bay Rd.
5.3L on Rt. 22.
7.5L on Merriam Forge Rd. (unpaved).
7.8Cross Boquet River.
9.0L on Halds Rd.–there is a steel bridge on the right.
9.9Coon Mountain Trail Head.
10.7L on County 9/Lakeshore Rd.
12.5Split Rock Trail Head.
15.9Straight at Whallons Bay Rd.
18.5Essex Ferry Dock.

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