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Free Adirondack Travel Information

My Places: Adirondack Experiences (PDF 12 Mb)
A Photo Guide to the Adirondacks.

Adirondack Lodging and Camping (PDF 7.2 Mb)
Complete Guide of all Accommodations and Campgrounds.
Accommodations List (PDF 311 kb) << this is kind of dated.
Campground List (PDF 133 kb)

Adirondack Great Walks and Day Hikes (PDF 12.7 Mb)
A selection of hikes throughout the Adirondack region.

Adirondack Waterways (PDF 15.4 Mb)
“A guide to paddling routes in the Northeast’s last great wilderness”.

Adirondack Fishing Guide (PDF 35.4 Mb)
“An Angler’s Guide to Adirondack Lake, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams”.
Latest version, go here:

Adirondack Region Map (PDF 15 Mb)
Official map of the entire Adirondack region. Actually, it’s two maps, one on each side. Features almost every drivable road and is loaded with information.

Adirondack North Country Scenic Byways (PDF 8 Mb)
A brochure that describes the various Scenic Byways in the Adirondacks. A good resource to plan a driving route or if you just want to see some nice pictures.

Adirondack Yesteryears (PDF 5 Mb)
One of the region’s most popular pieces, this guide highlights Adirondack history and heritage. It’s out of print. This is the most recently updated version, available electronically only.

General Adirondack Books and Guides

Adventures in the Wilderness, William H. H. Murray.

Hiking Guides

Discover the Adirondacks – Series by B McMartin

Adirondack Trails – High Peaks

Adirondack Trails – Northern Region

Adirondack Trails – Southern Region

Adirondack Trails – Eastern Region

Adirondack Trails – Northville-Placid Trail

Adirondack Trails – Central Region

Adirondack Trails – West-Central Region