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Entries from December 22nd, 2009

Lake Champlain Bridge R.I.P.

December 22nd, 2009 · 1 Comment · News

August 27, 1929 – December 28, 2009

Lake Champlain Bridge - Plaque

NYSDOT | Lake Champlain Bridge

Update: Bridge Demolition Delayed Until Monday

It’s Gone: Lake Champlain Bridge Demolition Video

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3 Months in the Woods

December 15th, 2009 · 3 Comments · News

“He’s alive, he’s alive”

Guy “disappears” and then emerges from the woods with his socks frozen to his feet. It seems David Dodds only lost 30 lbs during his adventure in the woods. According to reports, he said he “ate … honey from a hole in a tree”. He just walked into the woods last September, only to walk back out last Saturday.

If this is true, then there will be more interesting details coming out. Where did he live? How did he survive?

Fowler man survives 3 months in the woods

Man missing for three months turns up at camp

Missing for 89 days, David Dodds stumbles into hunting camp

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Busting Poachers with a Jackhammer

December 8th, 2009 · 8 Comments · News

Adirondack White TailI heard a news piece this morning about “Operation Jackhammer”. Interesting which “harvesting” techniques are legal vs. illegal. What’s fair or unfair in the practice of hunting? In this case it is night-hunting with lights.

The investigation, dubbed “Operation Jackhammer,” focused on the illegal taking of deer by use of artificial light – a practice commonly known as “deer jacking.” This involves night hunting where poachers shine a spotlight on a deer feeding in fields to “freeze” the animal long enough to shoot it — killing deer when they are most vulnerable. Typically, deer jacking occurs in remote rural areas, late at night. Due to these late hours and secluded areas, there are few, if any, witnesses to this crime.

It seems “102 misdemeanors and 37 violations were filed in the Adirondack Park and surrounding North Country.” While the notion of what is “fair” for the deer is debatable, I totally agree with the safety issue.

“DEC takes seriously the crime of nighttime deer poaching for many reasons – safety, foremost,” said Henry Hamilton, DEC Assistant Commissioner for Public Protection. “Deer jacking involves someone firing off a high-powered rifle in the dark, not knowing what or who is behind their target. Sometimes, it involves shooting across roads. But also, poachers typically trespass across private lands, violate hunting ethics and rob legitimate hunters of opportunities.”

I wonder what the motive is behind these illegal hunts? Is it for fun? Are they putting food on their tables?

Here’s a link to the full presser:
Major Crackdown on Deer Poaching Nets More Than 100 Individuals

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