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  • jodycb

    nice! I like the lightboxy tool you’re using too. Is it part of jquery or something?

  • TourPro

    Glad you noticed. I debated long and hard about implmenting it. I guess I felt it was more old school to just link to the image.

    Anyway, I tried a number of different plugins, and settled on Picbox. There are others, but I like this because it makes viewing large images quite easy.

  • Luke T. Bush

    Great shots!

    But one question: the image entitled “Ride The Parque” — is that a leaf-shaped UFO near the upper left hand corner? Those crazy aliens and their wild shapes for starships.

    I noticed that you’ve been to Spain before. Any particular reason why that country attracts you?

  • TourPro

    I guess it was a lucky bird that got in the shot.

    We go almost every year. It’s an “in-law” trip which has morphed into regular bike-fest.

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