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Fall Search and Rescue Report

November 1st, 2011 · 2 Comments · News

This latest report is courtesy of NYSDEC – Region 5.

  • 40 incidents in this report – 17 of which were “Lost or Overdue”
  • Apparent bonking on Marcy and Giant Mts. One group left for Marcy at 9am with 1 liter of water for 2 people and “became extremely dehydrated”.
  • Injuries – 8 leg, 1 arm, 1 head
  • Cellphones – Yes. Map and Compass, Flashlight – No
  • I’m not sure what happened on Round Mt trail
  • Word of Life vs. Devil’s Ledge
  • Not too cold to call for helicopter rescue
  • Dad ditches tired kayaker son

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Forest Ranger Mid-Summer Search and Rescue Report

August 17th, 2011 · 1 Comment · News

Sadly, our normal selection of Summertime incidents includes two deaths in the High Peaks. At least we are not Yosemite.

  • 2 Heart-attacks in High Peaks
  • “Lost” at Fish Creek Campground
  • Lost at Round Lake
  • Thirsty on Ampersand (Boy Scouts)
  • Capsized paddlers hike NPT – no shoes, no food
  • Lots of Leg Injuries while hiking
  • Kayaker drowns on Lake Pleasant – PFD issue
  • Lost and Unprepared on Crane Mt, Buck Mt – after dark, no flashlight, no food, no map
  • Boat sinks in Log Bay
  • Kayakers lost after-dark on Lake George
  • Slip n’ Falls off Shelving Rock Falls

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DEC Spring Search and Rescue Report

June 24th, 2011 · No Comments · News

NYSDEC LogoThe NYSDEC rangers were quite busy this Spring with a bunch of search and rescues. We are very lucky to have this safety-net.

Quite the collection of incidents in this latest report, many related to sketchy conditions due to late-season snow, rain, and high-water.

  • “Cotton almost Kills” unprepared hiker on Mt Marcy
  • Snowmobiler hits log bridge – endo
  • No Flashlight, washed-out bridge, makes for a long night.
  • High water thwarts left-behind hiker on Mt Marcy
  • Carrying exhausted-dog on Dix Mt causes same for owner.
  • Slip ‘n Fall on Poke-o-Moonshine
  • City-hikers bonk on Whiteface
  • Trapped on the Dyke (this is a common story)
  • Hurt leg at near Wallface – cool place, but tough for rescue
  • Slipped-knot results in fall at Chapel Pond
  • Another City-hiker, bonked on Algonquin Mt
  • Blowdown adventure off the Sewards
  • 4 year old lost for a couple hours at Sacandaga Lake
  • Various kayakers encounter whitewater
  • Father and son lost on Black Mt
  • Black-fly Bike-crash
  • Another leg-injury on Hadley Mt
  • Unknown medical on Tongue Mt

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