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Adirondack and Northern New York Wind Farms

April 6th, 2006 · No Comments · News

Wind TurbineSince the creation of the wind farms on the Tug Hill Plateau, interest in developing more wind turbines in the North Country has recently grown. Our local and national needs for renewable and clean energy, along with the economic benefit incentive has made this an attractive opportunity for consideration. The issue is not without controversy and the many interest groups are quite vocal and active. Treehugger posted an interesting analysis of bird mortality related to wind turbines. Rather than debunk the argument used by anti-turbine proponents, it helps place the data used in context.

Essentially, the author notes that most anti-turbine proponents who point to high bird mortality rates are using aged research on older turbines. Also, they particularly point to wind farms located in migratory pathways, at mountain passes, and near nesting areas. He further notes that the older wind technology is much more dangerous to birds than the newer ‘slow’ turbines. Again, studies relating to these newer technologies are not mentioned by those citing bird mortality as a reason to block turbines.

Given that there has been a recent move to establish a wind farm in the Town of Beekmantown, this issue is literally in my offices backyard. In any case, it is worth examining the issues completely before committing to these kinds of project.

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