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Adirondack Log makes the News

May 9th, 2006 · No Comments · News

Sounds kinda silly, but here in the Adirondacks we consider finding an old log a cool bit of news. Apparently some volunteer firefighters were doing some stuff at Brant Lake in Warren County when they spotted a log poking out of the water. Being good proactive Northcountrymen, they decided to hook it up to their truck and drag it out of the water. Well, it turns out this log had some unusual features.

Old Log - Brant LakeUpon further examination, this log was determined to have been felled by an ax and had growth rings which indicated an age of around 300 years. The local Finch Pruyn historian shows up to take a look a few days later and notes the still recognizable mark of the Finch Pruyn company. Most people around here are familiar with the long Adirondack history of this company. He also dated the log as being felled prior to the introduction of the cross-cut saw. Since the tannery at Brant Lake was closed in 1884, then it is likely that this log was cut sometime prior to that. Cool huh? Anyone seen any other pics?


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