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Entries from November 28th, 2006

Adirondack Trappers to Face Possible New Legislation

November 28th, 2006 · 2 Comments · Adirondack Life, News

I know it’s holiday season and everything, but my recent fascination with unique Adirondack hazards forces me to mention another tragic story. Trapping animals has been a traditional activity here for hundreds of years, and was one of the primary reasons White Man even became interested in what was otherwise a “useless” wilderness. Seems there has been some problems with the traps. A couple out walking their dog down in Lake Luzerne last week witnessed a most disturbing scene.

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A Message to Santa Claus – Eat the Pastries

November 14th, 2006 · No Comments · Destination Marketing

Mirror Lake Inn

Dear Santa,

I heard you were coming down from your mountain retreat for some rest and relaxation with your wife. Must be a busy time of year for you, right before the holidays. You are right that the Mirror Lake Inn is the ideal getaway at that time of year. Do you think we’ll have snow for Christmas? I’m not kidding about the pastries either. I’m sure that the Inn will set you up with one of the rooms with those giant beds overlooking the lake – see if they will throw in a Swedish Massage too.


The TourPro

P.S. If you or your “elves” feel lazy, you could always give them a gift certificate.

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Adirondack Deer are the Most Hardcore

November 13th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Adirondack Life, News

Adirondack White TailThe dangers of living in the Adirondacks are hard to appreciate. I can tell you first-hand that the Adirondack Buck is not to be trifled with. My experience came two years ago while traveling about 70mph on the Northway. A scary incident for me, traumatic for the deer. This weekend there was another tragedy. I know, you’re thinking, “whatever, another hunting accident…”.

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