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Sounds like Sushi to me – Aquarium of the Adirondacks

January 15th, 2007 · 1 Comment · News

Aquarium of the Adirondacks’ Basic Plans To Be Unveiled!

Adirondack SushiWhoo hoo! I’ve just gotten back from L.A. where I visited the Aquarium of the Pacific. Eh, it was OK. After Disney, I guess I had enough of fake stuff. Looking at fish in a tank is qualifies as fake to me. Guess what, right in the heart of the Adirondacks, after driving past a zillion lakes, ponds, streams, mountains, trees, and rocks, you can visit the W!ld Center. It’s not really that “wild”, but it is kind of in the center. For another “fake, but real” adventure, you can swirl around in our own Great Escape Lodge where “365 Days of Summer” is their motto.

Now get your chopsticks ready. If some would have their way, we’ll be feasting our eyes on “…a $40-million, 60,000-square-foot project that could include a tank of native Lake George species, a coral reef exhibit and a shark tank”. Possibly in Queensbury! Yeah!

Why? How? Huh? Yes, dear readers, I had the same thoughts. Come on now, everyone loves a nice fish tank. I looked forward to my kids’ yearly physical just to marvel at the algae lined “tank” where we could seek out those furtive mini-Yellowtail. Alas, only a darkly stained spot on the carpet remains. Did you know?

Statistics indicate over 100 million people visit aquariums and science centers around the nation each year. These science and discovery centers serve as catalysts for economic growth and play a crucial role in accomplishing both economic and educational goals in the community. The planned Aquarium of the Adirondacks will become a vast resource and essential component of the regional and cultural landscape, and will serve as a hub for faculty and students, scholars and researchers on an international level by promoting the free exchange of ideas and scientific information.

$40 million to build? Don’t worry. According to Nick Caimano, Queensbury at-Large supervisor and Warren County budget officer, “For investment, I think they would be able to scare up some money”. Plus, “…millions needed for the final project could come from federal, state and local grants, as well as private and corporate donations”. Where’s my checkbook?!!

I know it might sound silly, but wouldn’t a great sushi bar be a “resource and essential component of the regional and cultural landscape” and “serve as a hub” for free exchange of Sashimi and Kirin? When it comes to fish, I vote for Tempura.

Aquarium proposal to be floated before Queensbury Town Board

Update: They have a website! The Aquarium of the Adirondacks


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  • Adirondack Almanack

    While I’m not for more pork spending, the most important draw we have in the Adirondacks is our natural environment. Developing the Adirondacks as the premier location to experience the natural world seems like a good idea to me – a lot better than fantasizing about building “industry.” The Adirondacks has the potential to be the greatest living natural history center in the east – that’s a sustainable and laudable environmental and ecomonic goal.

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