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The Face of a Killer

May 16th, 2007 · No Comments · News

Having heard more details about the murder of North Country local Darcy Manor, I am both shocked and sickened. Much has yet to be reported. Right now there is an incredible sense of relief here which is being mirrored in Halifax. Picture after the jump.

(I recommend reading Press Republican links with Chrome in Incognito-mode)

Glen Douglas RaceGlen Douglas Race likely entered the US near the camp where Darcy Manor was killed. Turns out he was already wanted by Canadian authorities in relation to two murders in Nova Scotia which occurred earlier this month.

Here are some interesting details from the Canadian press:

Before the arrest at the border, American authorities had already heard about Mr. Race because police in Nova Scotia issued an alert identifying him as a person of interest in the homicide of Mr. Knott, 44.

I’m seriously hoping this guy walked across and wasn’t let through an actual border station. But at the same time, I’d almost rather have random incompetence than an open border. Can we all agree that we have an issue with border control? I think the days counting on locals notifying authorities of suspicious persons at unmanned crossings should be retired. ASAP.

This guy was in possession of items from both the Canadian victims and the rifle stolen from the camp near Mooers. Stupid or insane?

Court records from 2005 show he’d been sent for a psychiatric assessment after being charged with resisting arrest and being found unlawfully in an isolated cabin in the New Glasgow area.

Other reports I’ve read seem to indicate that Race fell out of the system up there. He’s now being extradited to face charges here in New York, but the Canadians also want him for the murders he did there. No death penalty up there, or here. Lucky bastard. This whole thing is screwed up. A good solution might be the middle of the St. Lawrence.

Race pleads innocent in Manor murder
Family, friends of murdered Mooers man turn out for arraignment

Update: Convicted murderer with local ties arraigned in Canada

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