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New York State’s Top 100

August 11th, 2008 · 3 Comments · News

The Times-Union posted the 2008 NYS Public Payroll database the other day.  Pretty interesting stuff.

I’ve eliminated the “HOURLY” and come up with the 100 most highly paid NYS employees.  SUNY/CUNY dominate the list.

The total bill for the Top 100 – $31,829,940.

Top 100 Salaried Employees (top100.xls – 71kb)

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  • Josh

    Thats way too much money, some of the salaries on that list should be re-evaluated.

  • TourPro

    Hard to know what is “too much”.

    Me, personally? I’m not too proud to say that even an extra $50 would be welcome. If I made close to a million/year, I think I would only work a few years of my life.

  • Buy My House

    I am totally with TourPro – what is too much? How really do you evaluate someone’s worth?

    Who do you pay more, the guy that puts in a 12 hour day, without any complaint….. or the guy who does nothing all day but motivates the other guy, & his colleagues, to work that hard?

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