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Hiking Noonmark

September 15th, 2009 · 9 Comments · Adirondack Life

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We did our traditional birthday hike on Sunday up Noonmark. I love this peak for it’s epic views. When we arrived at the top, it was totally socked in by clouds. Just as we decided to descend, the clouds parted and we were able to enjoy The Great Range, Dix, Round Mt, Dial, and “look down” on those Ausable Club folks.

Park at the Round Pond trailhead parking area on Route 73. Then it’s 3.4 miles to the top via Round Pond and the Felix Adler trail.

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  • jodycb

    Great pictures.

    Noonmark is one of my favorite mountains. I’ve only climbed it from the Ausable club side though, never via Round pond. A couple years ago we were on top when scary clouds started rolling in. We hiked down into to the intersection with the Dix trail and it was just pouring… we could have been standing in a car wash. We found bear tracks at that intersection. We were going to do Round mountain too but the rain was intense and my knees were hurting. For some reason that hike is one of my favorite memories though I’m sure my partner remembers it as a total disaster. 🙂

  • Luke T. Bush

    Let me second that: Great shots.

    Were you able to ID either of those caterpillars? The fuzzy one with the dark spikes looks like an alien monster from that old TV series, The Outer Limits, in the third shot you took of it.

    And the second shot of Round Pond: nothings adds to the beauty of nature more than a kid making a face at the camera. [G]

    Thanks for linking to my “Misplaced News”
    post under Buzz And Opinion. It’s weird reading that one sentence out of context – it sounds so formal. Gotta loosen up my style more.

    See you Sunday at 1 PM.


  • TourPro

    Thanks guys, my shots are all hastily done in the midst of hiking/cajoling.

    Haven’t ID’d any of the caterpillars, but my brother tried. That green one was just amazing. It was right in the middle of the trail and we thought it was fake or some kind of fishing lure. Then I picked it up and it wiggled! So awesomely green w/ the blue unicornish thingie. It was the coolest thing I saw all day.

  • Hotel Villa Caletas

    The colors of that green caterpillar are simply outstanding

  • Small Pines

    Gorgeous pics! Noonmark (although I have never done it) seems to be a prime photog mountain. (And the patty melt at the diner ain’t too shabby either.)

  • Jacko

    Oh my Goodness!!!! Wonderful pics! Thanx! Pls more 😀

  • Marie

    Third Picture? What is that? 🙂

  • TourPro

    Everything is labeled.

  • Marie

    Ah, thx 🙂

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