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Ausable Marsh

December 2nd, 2009 · 5 Comments · Adirondack Life

Some may find the color at this time of year depressing. I like it.


Ausable Marsh Wildlife Management Area

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  • Greeneyezz

    Your photo of the Train Tracks is Incredible!!
    Making it larger and seeing the detail of the wood on the tracks and how the lines of the tracks make your eyes travel and follow through the bridge, is very good.


  • Luigi |

    It’s not actually depressing. It’s part of nature. I find it amazing actually may the colors be lively for depressing. Nice photos.

  • Joann

    I like it – great job on the photos!

  • Luke T. Bush

    It’s the LACK of color I find depressing. But despite my bias, good shots. The train tracks and the two tall chairs images are my favorites.

    OK, I forget — was that a Downy woodpecker?

    Are you sure that was a dog skull? Maybe it was Champy!!!

  • TourPro

    Actually, I have no idea about that skull. Just a quick guess based on the teeth and such. It was just there next to the bridge, no other bones or anything. We stuck it in a tree for future edification. This was a quite a ways upstream on the Ausable River, near Route 9. It’s possible Champy made it that far upstream, but I doubt it.

    The woodpecker – Downy or Hairy… one of those. The bigger one.

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