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March 28th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Adirondack Life

Lobdell Station“Shaft mining was used to gain access to the veins of ore lying deep underground. A hole was dug straight down into the mine and equipped with a hoist to be then raised by horse power. The veins of ore were opened by blasting at different levels of the shaft and the miners working along these tunnels. Six shafts were sunk at Williamsburgh and Lyon Mountain used this type of tunnelling extensively.” (from The Saranac Valley, by Sarah Baker)

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  • Martha lobdell

    Wow how neat is that Lobdell historic marker! Wonder if they were my relatives ? Anyone know ? I grew up in washington

  • TourPro

    The Lobdells have a long history in this area.

    Is your family from The East?

  • thomas lobdell

    Me and My dad Donald Lobdell from Indpls Iniana visited this area in 1998, and took pictures standing next to the Marker. His father Frank was born in Thorntown Indiana

  • TourPro

    That’s cool. I’m not hopeful of finding any historical markers with my family name, so you’re pretty lucky.

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