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DEC Commissioner Grannis Fired

October 22nd, 2010 · 4 Comments · News

Alexander "Pete" Grannis - Commissioner NYS DECOh Wow. Poststar and ADE are reporting this morning that DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis was fired yesterday for “poor performance and insubordination”.  Likely a result of “The Memo” which recently appeared that criticized the potential department cuts proposed by the Paterson Administration.

As a Spitzer appointee, it’s actually amazing that Grannis lasted this long. Now with DEC leaderless, except for the remaining career-staff, this department will be in limbo until a new Governor and his minions are “elected”. On the plus-side, he can now speak freely.

After seeing that travesty of a “debate”, are we really left with one choice? Will New York ever get out of this Death-spiral?

More headlines:

Comptroller hires ex-DEC head Grannis
One has to assume the our new Governor gave some “assurances” to Grannis during his painful ordeal when “confronting” Paterson.

Pete Grannis Joins Environmental Advocates of New York
“Pete Grannis, former commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation and one of the most respected public servants in New York State, has joined Albany-based Environmental Advocates of New York as the group’s special counsel. As such, Grannis will advise the organization on the development of state environmental policy, help identify strategic partnerships and opportunities, and work to strengthen Environmental Advocates’ efforts in the state legislature.”

Alexander “Pete” Grannis Died In Service of the DEC
“Commissioner Grannis did a noble thing, he stood up to the lunatic running this state, and for it he lost his job.”

Governor names new DEC chief

Duprey fuming at DEC commissioner’s firing
Oh, she’s fuming! Look, the guy was scheduled to be out in a couple months anyway. The firing and all the posturing is symbolic. What’s her position on funding of the department? That’s more of an election issue.

Grannis, fired on Thursday, was to be honored today by outdoors writers
“Grannis was recognized for his commitment to the enjoyment of outdoor recreational opportunities available throughout the state and his continued efforts to encourage sportsmen to enjoy the natural resources that New York has to offer.”

DEC commissioner Pete Grannis fired
Interesting comments from DEC employees.

Adirondack Mountain Club Statement
“Commissioner Grannis did a magnificent job as commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation and we regret that he is leaving at this time.

We have had our differences with the commissioner, but they were not differences on the big stuff. He worked to hold staff levels at DEC, and he did the right thing on issues such as clean air. We applaud him for his decisions to extend the comment period on gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale and to exempt the New York City and Syracuse watersheds from a Generic Environmental Impact Statement on gas drilling.”

DEC commissioner fired after layoff memo leak
In an interview Thursday night, Grannis called Schwartz a “hatchet man” and a “thug.”

Grannis, Top Environmental Official, Is Fired by Paterson
“Either you cooperate with regards to your resignation or a release will go out saying you have resigned by the end of the day.”

DEC commissioner Peter Grannis fired
Fired, just like Juan for telling it like it is. NPR!!

Groups Cry Foul over Firing of DEC Commissioner, Call on Gov Paterson to Reinstate Grannis Immediately
Here we go! Video, video.

Memo paints desperate portrait of DEC
“The unsigned, undated memo was written in response to Gov. David Paterson’s staff-reduction plan that asked the DEC to cut 209 employees.”

Local reaction to DEC firing: ‘Why not work things out?’
He was out anyway in a couple months, so taking the first bullet for his staff and agency is commendable.

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  • JB

    The rent’s too damn high!

  • TourPro

    Can you hear it? That’s Grannis’ stomach growling!

  • Edelpeddle

    This should make it easier for the governer to make some more cuts. Makes leave no trace hiking and camping even more important.

  • TourPro

    This Governor is done. And the big budget battle won’t involve him or his administration.

    This firing was mostly a symbolic gesture for everyone involved. I’ll bet Parks & Rec are fuming that they didn’t think of the “kamikaze” tactic themselves. They can’t pull the Closure-threat again this year can they?

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