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Adirondack Backcountry Visitors – Memorial Weekend 2012

May 24th, 2012 · No Comments · News

NYSDEC LogoIf you are planning to recreate in the Adirondacks this Memorial Day weekend, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation asks you to please remember the following:

HIGH USAGE LEVELS: Visitors to the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness should be aware that trailhead parking lots and interior campsites will often fill to capacity on Memorial Day weekend. Please plan accordingly and seek backcountry recreation opportunities in other areas.

TRAIL CONDITIONS: Trails may be wet and muddy. Wear waterproof footwear and gaiters. Walk through, not around, mud and water on trails to avoid further widening and eroding trails.

DOG OWNERS: Dogs must be leashed in the Eastern High Peaks when on trails, at primitive tent sites, at lean-to sites, everywhere above 4,000 feet, or at other areas where the public congregates. It is recommended dogs be kept leashed in most areas for the safety of the dog, the protection of wildlife and as a courtesy to fellow hikers.

BEAR RESISTANT CANISTERS: Regulation requires the use of bear-resistant canisters by overnight users in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness between April 1 and November 30. NYSDEC encourages the use of bear resistant canisters throughout the Adirondacks.

BITING INSECTS: The “Bug Season” has begun in the Adirondack. Back flies are present almost everywhere and mosquitoes may be found in many locations. Follow these steps to minimize the nuisance of biting insects:

  • Wear light colored clothing, long sleeve shirts and long pants;
  • Tuck shirts into pants, the bottom of pant legs into socks and button sleeves at the wrist;
  • Wear a headnet when insects are thick and use an insect repellant with DEET.

HURRICANE IRENE DAMAGE TO TRAILS: Some bridges are missing and trails have been rerouted. Low water crossings have been created near the location of missing bridges. Trails may be hard to recognize and drainages may be mistaken for trails. The ability to navigate by map and compass is essential.

MARCY BROOK CROSSINGS: The footbridge over Marcy Dam was washed away during Hurricane Irene. A low water crossing has been designated downstream of the dam. Hikers that may have trouble using this crossing should use the Marcy Dam Truck Trail from South Meadows Trailhead as an alternative route to access the trails on the east side of Marcy Brook.

SUMMITS: Conditions on summits are more extreme – lower temperatures and stronger winds.

WATER LEVELS & TEMPERATURES: Recent rains have raised water levels into the normal range for May. Water temperatures are cold and, although no longer required, all boaters and paddlers should wear PFDs

Visit the Adirondack Trail Information page for current weather forecasts, regulations, safety tips, trail conditions, and more:

Courtesy of: NYSDEC

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