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Photographing Birds in the Adirondack Park

March 20th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Adirondack Life

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New York’s Adirondack Park: Bird Photographer Destination – by Jeff Nadler

An excellent short article on birding in that Adirondacks along with some great photography appeared on PhotoMigrations. He gives a great description of what the Adirondacks is, what kind of wildlife lives here, travel information, and best of all birding specific tips for the Adirondacks. We should put Jeff Nadler on the payroll, we couldn’t have said it better. Check out the galleries on his site for some phenomenal pics.

Adirondack bird photography requires doing some basic homework and planning to visit specific locations where the birds are often found. While driving all over a huge area can feel adventurous and occasionally turn up desired photo subjects, it is usually more productive to head to where the locals spot the good birds and post them on bird-sighting websites. Fortunately, there are numerous new resources to help plan an Adirondack journey. This includes birding books, maps, guides, websites, and 2 different festivals held in the region.

He’s right on all accounts and much of what he suggests may apply to any Adirondack adventure or activity. The Adirondack Regional Tourism Council has just gone live with its online Birding Guide which Google maps the very best of birding sites in the Adirondack region. Make sure you check it out for complete descriptions of birding sites, species available at each site, and detailed directions and mapping. For the best of tourism information, visit the Adirondack region’s website or any of the official local tourism sites.

More Information:

2006 Adirondack Birding Festival Schedule
June 8 – 11, 2006 Hamilton County
2006 Great Adirondack Birding Celebration
June 2-4 Paul Smiths VIC

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