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Tour de France – Stage 3

July 4th, 2006 · 2 Comments · News

Going a little off-topic today, but I can’t help it.

It’s on!

Bobke’s Guide to the Tour is excellent.

Eurosport has excellent coverage w/ Live Audio featuring Sean Kelly.

Seen all the Tour Google Maps?


Now, what’s got me excited is the Cauberg. That hill, though short, is brutal and at the end of the race. An exciting finish when it’s at the end of the race, but in this case there’s about 2 km to go. I predict an explosive attack there by whoever makes the mad sprint to the bottom first. Valverde could shine on this type of finish an take some time.

The TDF Blog has some great stuff. Live post.
Best thing about the Tour is the wealth of internet coverage. Not that I’m complaining about OLN.

90km to go.

Here’s a good one for all the road warriors out there:

Technical Q&A with Lennard Zinn: Riding over the fallen

Here’s the trick. Live Audio w/ Sean Kelly, mute the OLNTV coverage. Sweet.

Yeah, how the hell does the peleton not notice Jen Voigt going away in the break?

I’m surprised that some bandage company hasn’t stepped up for ole Thor. How hard would it be to come up with a Yellow BandAid?

The more I think about it, the more thrilled I am that the Cauberg is thrown in at the end.

80km to go.

Fried myself yesterday in the heat and humidity, but as I sit here and watch these guys I again feel like getting out and giving the pedals a spin.

In 20th, Christopher Horner 0.27 could bear watching today as well.

I also like how they put the Sprint at the bottom of the hill between two Cat 3 climbs. Bastards.

Here comes the sprint in Spa. 45mph on the downhill into town.

Voight takes the sprint. No points for the peleton. That sucked, but here comes another Cat 3 climb. Hee hee.

The break is pumping up the hill nicely. It’ll be interesting to see if the peleton will try to pull them in for the next sprint or if they will be content to wait till the finish.

64 km to go.

Nice climb, sedate crowd. 5 minute gap still to the break. If Jens can gets some help…

It looks like the big guns are moving up near the top of the climb. Sean Kelly seems to be predicting a hammer session.

54 km to go.

Crash! Fred Rodriguez – looks like he’s done. Dekker too? This is terrible news for McKewen.

Dekker landed on his face.

51 km to go.

Ambulance for both. Collarbone for Fred.

This Tour sure has its share of carnage.

Looks like there is not going to be a race for the next sprint points. Robbie will surely be bummed to lose his main lead-out man. This changes everything for him, but it’s not the first time he’s had to survive the sprints on his own.

Jens looks serious.

Collarbone for Dekker too. His last Tour?

47 km to go.

4:20 is the Gap.

Sounds like Unai is suffering or playing possum. I love the headgames in a break away.

The peleton is not really working yet, but the gap is dropping.

43 km to go.

3:33 to the break!

Arrieta take the points that the sprint.

The fight for position to get to the bottom of the Cauberg is going to start anytime.

Voight in Yellow? He’s working hard in the break.

Laurent attacks the break, he will be punished.

35 km to go.

I see lots of rider OTB. Pozzato, one of Boonen’s lead-out guys is back in the cars.

Break is back together. Jens is clearly in charge here. 2:51 back to the peleton.

“Fighting their way through the beer-swilling Dutchmen” Eurosport

30 km to go.

Sean Kelly predict Oscar Freire. I’m rooting for Voigt now. If it comes together, we’ll see.

Their climbing the Loorberg, big crowds and it looks like fun. 99 degrees F.

Popo looks good on the front of the pack.

It’s down to 1:48 to the break.

Many riders OTB have cooked themselves.

25 km to go.

Dekker is done, he might even retire. He was already slated to become the DS for Rabobank next year. What a class act.

Mayo flats and is chasing on. Bad time he’s got teamates waiting.

21 km to go.

1:28 to the break.

Attack in the break, Laurent again? I guess this is a good time to attack if you can.

Someone bridged up, Arrieta, Voigt bridges too. Sick action.

Crash! Valverde is down and on the side of the road …collarbone……

He’s out I think. Voigt continues on hammering the now 3-man break.

This changes everything. He was taken out in the middle of the peleton. Just goes to show you, STAY ON THE FRONT. What a lame accident.

Johan Bruyneel is probably peeing his pants with glee.

16 km to go.

Arrieta attacks Voigt and Laurent. Valverde is on the stretcher.

1:13 to the leader still. Arrieta looks strong.

Only 10 seconds back to Voight and Laurent, they are gonna let him cook. A rider looks to be out with heat related problems.

O’Grady has crashed? He’s back on and chasing on.

Discovery is on the front, good looking out.

9 km to go.

Arrieta looks good, we’ll see how he handles the hill. 800 meters long.

The crowd on the Cauberg looked juiced up.

6 km to go.

Only Arrieta left on the front. He’s got 1 minute.

They are approaching the Cauberg and many big names are on the front of the pack.

O’Grady is losing time. OTB

4 km to go.

Arrieta only has 31 seconds now.

The peleton is strung out.

Arrieta looks like he will be caught on the climb.

Holy Crap! Awesome.

Boonen is climbing like mad. Kessler!

Kessler breaks the peleton on the climb, what a hammer!

This is gonna hurt.

Final stretch

Kessler has my vote for Hammer King Jersey.

I’m out.


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  • Second_Pancake

    Holy Shit!!!!! I only got to watch bits and pieces so reading your coverage filled in alot of the unknown. Had the kids this weekend, so only got to watch between cooking and cleaning and trying to break up fights. I only saw the first crash. Btw, WTF is going on with the Americans. You’d think after the favored got busted for doping, we’d hear a lot more of Landis, Hincapie, The Z-man, and Levi, but nothing.

  • TourPro

    Oh they are there alright. Hincapie and Popo were both near the front a lot yesterday. Everyone is just trying to stay out of trouble until the TT. There are still a few flat stages before that and as you can see, things are a bit out of control. Hincapie will own the TT, Landis second. Now that Valverde is out, one less thing for Discovery to worry about. I wish I could do the live post everyday.

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