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Another reason why Corporate doesn’t understand Web 2.0

November 30th, 2007 · No Comments · News

Just when I’m making progress in convincing people that Social Media is a viable marketing tool, some doofus has to mess it up.  It’s almost a perfect storm of technology, sex, crime, web 2.0, and “North Country”.

Sean Sweeney aka VinnyI know it’s not standard practice to reveal the identity of the victim in such cases, but I can’t help wondering if “the crime is worth the time”. Just by looking at the picture of the alleged blackmailer, even I am feeling a bit victimized.

Talk about bad for image. Add this to the recent story of NYS Trooper Czora and it’s no wonder that people have a hard time not thinking we are a bunch of idiots up here.

Update: Farked and the Deliverance theme comes into play.

Update2: Plea made in sex case – It’s only a misdemeanor! I’m sure this punishment will make him reconsider his future choices. He could choose no sex or he could choose a lot of sex + misdemeanor.

Ha ha, Stan says, “Hopefully she’s wiser and won’t fall for another bonehead deception.” – That’s funny, Bone…head…


Man Gets Probation for Sex Scheme

Man gets probation for blackmailing woman for sex

Sean Sweeney sobbed and tried to catch his breath as he apologized in court for blackmailing a woman into having sex with him.

“I hurt someone else, and it’s unforgiveable. I hope one day she can forgive me. I think about it every day.”

Uh, yeah. Eeew, I feel like washing my hands.

As Sweeney shook and tried to catch his breath during the 15-minute sentencing appearance, he was also ordered to pay a $160 court surcharge, perform 50 hours of community service and abide by an active order of protection that prohibits him from having contact with the victim.
He thanked the judge and his attorney as he left the court red-faced clutching a crumpled Kleenex.

I’m sure he thinks the crime was definitely worth the “time”.

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