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Football and Revolution

January 30th, 2008 · 6 Comments · Miscellania

Funny thing, I was reading my daughter a story about George Washington and she said, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard about those Patriots.”


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  • lisa kribs

    ahhh youth. such perspective.

  • Hercules Mulligan

    Well, I am sure that George Washington would make a formidable opponent in football (when he was in his teens, he rode the pet wild branco of his mother to death by accident). At 6′ 2″ and incredibly strong and athletic, he would make a good “Patriot.”

    Artist Charles Wilson Peale once told of the time (incidentally, only a few years before the outbreak of the Revolution) when he visited Washington and some of his companions at Mount Vernon. When Washington came outside, he found several of these companions, Wilson included, in some trifling sport (they were seeing who could throw a heavy metal bar the furthest), and without stopping to remove his jacket, took the bar, and hurled it the furthest distance of any. He then remarked to them, “You perceive, young gentlemen, that my arm yet retains some portion of the vigor of my earlier days.”

  • TourPro

    George Washington - Teeth

    DENTAL MUSEUM: George Washington’s teeth

    Tom Brady should wear these for good luck.

  • Hercules Mulligan

    Poor Patriots. They should have enlisted George Washington. 😀

  • Steven Griffith

    Clever little girl. But what I really want to know is are those actually George Washington’s teeth?

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