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The Parker Virus

January 28th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Miscellania

Paul Martin - The other AdScam(er)Uh, thanks Tribble for spreading the George Parker Virus.

The rules are simple – 7 Facts about yourself and then spread the bug to 7 others.

  1. Both my Foreign Service and Central Intelligence applications failed because I couldn’t remember the names of all the people I lived with for the previous 5 years.  In retrospect, the background investigation would have likely gotten me arrested.
  2. My acting career began as an extra in “A Crime of Innocence” and has reached the top (5:45, not my wife or dog).
  3. During a fire, I’d wake the wife and kids and then rush to save my bikes.
  4. According to The Family Book, I am the 53rd recorded generation and still reigning champion as the largest member of my family that ever existed.  If that isn’t enough, as a descendant of the famous Concubine Yu,  I believe Parker owes me a drink or two.

    I deny any responsibility for this stuff:

    Suqian Concubine Yu God liquor Ltd.

    Company tax revenue in recent years to achieve ultra-thousand million annually Yang Mu is the large taxpayer, has a rational structure of the engineering and technical personnel and high-quality workforce, advanced production technology, well-equipped, strong technical force, comprehensive means test , Relying on a comprehensive quality management system, adhere to the code of conduct ahead with innovation, continuous improvement and quality of enterprise products of technology. God’s Concubine Yu production company because of the history of liquor named after the famous Concubine Yu. For thousands of years, civil pao reputation of this wine: elegant delicate alcohol fullness and color-flavor are cellar Xiangnong, air and three nights in the Cup Liuxiang, Miantianganlie memorable long. It is – God Concubine Yu sprinkling of God reputation.

    Suzhou Concubine Yu tomb

    Concubine Yu Song stop, Bajian since tick; Xiang Yu breakthrough, the panic left, the way to build burial mound this.

  5. My in-laws all call me “Daguito”.  I was supposed to be “Wendy”, but when the truth was revealed my Dad used the first name that came to mind.
  6. I was once the President of the Monterey Institute’s International Brewing Club.  Our mission was to promote international cultural exchange through the science and appreciation of zymurgy.  Our biggest fan was the President of the Institute at the time, Lieutenant General Robert G. Gard, Jr. (retired).  He played an interesting role in the affair known as The Pentagon Papers and got a regular share of the malted beverage production.
  7. I was a classically trained pianist for 12 years until the day of my high school graduation.  I haven’t played one since.

And so it goes….have at it folks:

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  4. Jim Tedisco probably has some interesting stuff to say.  Now that he’s gone “Big Time”, I hope he won’t stop with the videos.
  5. And my fellow Amy Gaucho who does for NYC what I wish I could do for the Adirondacks – Amy’s New York Notebook
  6. It’s hard to imagine what Jody could come up with – that which rolls
  7. This last one is for you, my dear reader.  I know you’re there.  Use the comments, ping me, or just tag it “Adirondacks”.


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