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Teeny Tiny Adirondacks

October 13th, 2009 · 7 Comments · Miscellania

The World’s Smallest Adirondack State Park

Teeny Tiny Adirondack Park

According to this map, the Adirondack State Park is less than half a square mile in size! You can click the map to find more fun updated Google Maps stuff. Read more at Google LatLong (via Techcrunch via Almanack)

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  • Small Pines

    We noticed it when we were getting directions to come back 81 from Philly. I was a little surprised at how offended I was. I want my park back!

  • Kirstine

    Its a place called “where nature and people meets”. Because, tourist here enjoyed all outdoor adventures and recreations throughout the mountainous Adirondack Region. You can kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling or rock climbing. In winter season, try skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or a thrilling bobsled ride. The less adventurous can drive up a “high peak” or enjoy a multitude of attractions, events, recreation and shopping. These are only few adventurous things you can do while you are here at Teeny Tiny Adirondacks!

  • TourPro

    “Kirstine”, thanks for the most entertaining comment. I’m gonna let you keep your link, this time….

    @Small Pines: I’ve submitted a few problem reports and I have suggested some alternative geodata to make the map better. I actually don’t think that putting the Blue Line back is that useful. It’s about time to acknowledge the unreality of the “Adirondack Park”.

  • Holly

    Found your site through a google search “poisonous Adirondack snakes” and enjoyed the pics of the rattlesnake. Great site, funny writing!

  • TourPro

    Thanks. So weird, I was just discovered your blog a moment before seeing your comment.

    What a coincidence!

  • Crzy Tourist

    Size doesn’t matter, don’t you know!?

  • TourPro

    LOL, that’s what I keep telling myself.

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