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Snowmobiles – DANGER!

January 11th, 2010 · 12 Comments · News

Snowmobile - DangerI normally don’t link to most accident or crime items, but the recent spate of snowmobile incidents in the Adirondacks and vicinity are notable.

Lewis County woman hospitalized following snowmobile crash

Police investigating fatal snowmobile accident

“The faster he could go, the better,” said Waller, adding that Gullis had recently spoken about adding nitrous oxide to his snowmobile to make it go faster. “He couldn’t wait to get out there.”

Morrisonville man killed in Waverly snowmobile crash

Man in critical following snowmobile crash

3 die when snowmobiles go through ice on Vt. lake

Luke noted over the weekend an advertisement he found in a local weekly. It featured a snowmobiler “Gunning it, flying through the air”. Obvious questions about promotional imagery and safety. (Not-so-obvious question about advertising rationale.)

Portrayals of cyclists are frequently criticized if they are shown lacking head protection. Heck, we ban cigarette and liquor ads altogether. When does the harm caused by an activity outweigh its economic benefit? Unfortunately, these days that point is only reached when the economic cost exceeds the benefit.

I’m sort of happy to say that we moderated our video to make it less “snowmobile-aggressive” and to include a variety of other Winter activities.  Hope this is the last we hear of accidents this season.

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