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Playing Chicken with Parks

May 28th, 2010 · 3 Comments · News

We have big “Parks” and little “parks”. In case you haven’t heard, New York State is having a bit of a fiscal issue. While the rest of our “system” languishes in a limbo of budget-extenders, Department of Environmental Conservation and Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation fought their own battle and “won” a small victory.

Every organization with a stake in state budget negotiations is doing the same with mixed results. You could say that I’m one of those “mixed results”. And like most things in life, there are two sides of the coin.

Update: Mountain Visions recognizes this game.
Legislature Successfully Defends Paterson’s Assualt On EPF

Paterson tossed a grenade into the assembly and senate chambers and waited for someone to dive on it. Of course there probably isn’t one upstanding human being in the legislature, so they did the only thing they could, they tossed the EPF on it to save themselves.

Point au Roche Beach Empty

Point au Roche Beach is Mine

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  • Luke T. Bush

    New York: The Empire State.

    All empires must come to an end, especially with mismanagement and corruption. Look at the Roman Empire.

    I’m assuming the photos are yours. Point Au Roche, right? The best one is the mud-splattered BEACH RULES sign. It expresses the disgust of some people towards ineffective government or how the system is falling apart.

    Or it just shows kids like throwing mud. Good shot.

  • jodycb

    Hopefully you were not a casualty in the battle.

  • TourPro

    I’m not a casualty… yet, but have been “Wounded in Action”.

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