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Seeking Adirondack Saturniidae

June 2nd, 2010 · 16 Comments · Adirondack Life

Project SilkmothThe rich diversity of natural life in the Adirondacks never ceases to fascinate me. Dr. Janet Mihuc at Paul Smiths College is leading an effort to inventory the Giant Silkmoths of the Adirondacks. She’s hoping that volunteer citizen-scientists will help by submitting sightings. Sightings will become part of the Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) database and will be used to construct occurrence maps for each silkmoth species. It’s thought that the numbers of these moths are on the decline and this data help establish a baseline for future studies.

Uh, these really are “Giant” moths:

Hyalophora cecropia (Robin Moth)Hyalophora cecropia (Robin Moth) (by Anita363)

Volunteer sightings are needed from all parts of Northern New York. Could be a really fun thing to do.

The survey runs through July 30, 2010.

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  • xander

    wow such a giant moth a have ever seen
    i like it.
    nice share. thanks.

  • Mary Anne Gruen

    I had a sighting recently. I wrote about it and put a few pictures up on my blog. A lady moth decided to park herself on the screen door to our deck. She stayed there just moving her wings occasionally to spread her phermones.

    A few days later she was joined by a suitor. After mating, they both took off. So there are at least a few of these moths in the southern Adirondacks.

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  • adamaecompton

    Hi, I raise the Cecropia (Robin Moth) here in northcentral PA. So, if anyone wants some eggs, then visit my blog and leave me a message about how to get in contact with you!

  • Jake

    Just saw one last night on our kitchen screen door. got a couple pictures of it.

  • Kevin Pitts

    I saw one of these as I was leaving work in Meadville, Pa. awsome moth.

  • Jody Michielsen

    We saw one of these beautiful Robin moths this morning in church. It had landed itself on a set of tulips. About a 8 inch wingspan. What a glorious creature. If you would like a photo please email me. Thank you.

  • Kristen Pandolph

    We had a cecropia moth on our deck tonight in Rainbow Lake – we had to google it to see what it was. Beautiful!

  • Elizabeth Smith

    I saw one of these moths today on Cape Cod, MA. Never seen one before. Stayed on the screen of a school window all day. Kids loved it.

  • Lyne Soulia

    I fished one of these moths out of my swimming pool yesterday. I thought it was dead. To my surprise it awoke on my kitchen counter. Put it outside last night, still hanging around this morning. Must like us. We live in Canton, N.Y.

  • judy Archibald

    enjoyed watching one of these beauties at FoCastle Farm country Store , Burnt Hills, NY. Hung out in a pine tree the whole day. 6/5/13

  • jessica Desch

    just saw one this evening, I was showing my niece. We are from Cabot Pennsylvania. It was just sitting on one of our plants moving its wings around

  • Tom Obuck

    Saw numerous large months flying around two (2) seperate porch lights last p.m. (06/14/2013) where I am staying with friends on Saranac Lake (NY). Much to my amazement, there are currently three (3) of them resting perfectly still this afternoon on the very same front porch. We first noticed the gigantic months about 8 a.m. It appears as though they have not moved at all. There are other beautiful months roosting on the outside of screen windows and doors very close to these outdoor lights and others but none of them are as large as the three sizable ones we easily identified as Luna Months (as shown above) — I also took pictures of each specimen, i.e., the trio and look forward to tonight’s display!

    Tom Obuck, Ithaca, NY*

    *Current enjoying many live, diverse flying creatures on Saranac Lake, Saranac Lake, New York, USA

  • william earle

    Seen that moth in fort Erie Ontario

  • Tammy Brown

    Email: one of these high “Robin Morhs” was resting on my garage wall in Moody TX. It was gorgeous. MARCH 29, 2020.

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