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Bambi’s relatives can’t read

January 6th, 2006 · No Comments · Adirondack Life

Bambi Relative: The answer is “ENA” Bambi’s Aunt.

This appeared in today’s Press Republican’s Cheers and Jeers section. This deer crossing gauntlet is crossed by this writer twice each way five days a week. Oddly enough, the greatest variety of local wildlife is often seen via roadkill. This stretch has had Deer, Red Fox, Skunk, Raccoon, Beaver, Turtles, Woodchuck, Dog, Gulls, and the occasional Raptor. Oddly enough, the most daring of birds is the Crow, which is the beneficiary of most remains and the best vehicle dodger with wings.

JEERS: to those responsible for the lack of signs on a section of Interstate 87 to warn motorists that deer like to cross that superhighway in both the north- and south-bound lanes of the highway — day or night — especially during the rut. Motorists and sportsmen alike have noticed of late more deer along the highway and in the median throughout the year, but even more last fall, when the deer kill by motor vehicles increased significantly. There was seemingly new carnage every day. Of course, Bambi’s relatives can’t read, but motorists can. Why not erect “deer crossing” signs along the highway between exits 39 and 40, where a deer run has existed for years? Such signs are erected generally in the same area along State Route 9, which runs parallel to the Northway. It seems to us that, with the mild winter so far, the local deer herds will have less winter kill, creating still larger numbers in this area next autumn. Please, give the motorist unaccustomed to seeing deer in their headlights a warning of the possible danger.

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