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Breaking News – Local Paper Joins Web 2.0

March 28th, 2006 · No Comments · News

Web 2.0 Meme MapA local subversive (I mean that in a positive way) at the Anti-press Ezine noted the local paper has entered the Web 2.0 era and introduced a Blog in its product offerings. I have to admit, I’ve subscribed to Foxy’s feed. He is after all, “one of the North Country’s best-known pundits, raconteurs and general characters.” Gee, who’d have known?

I, of course, did not and am frantically to catch up on what I seem to be missing. It’s not easy. Fortunately the local media types have helped to put this blogging thing in context.

“What is a blog?” – “Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called ‘blogging.’ Individual articles on a blog are called ‘blog posts,’ ‘posts,’ or ‘entries.’ The person who makes these entries is called a ‘blogger.'”

As the astute Anti-press writer notes, this pedantic explanation reflects as much on the paper’s view of its readers as it does on its actual readership. I haven’t actually found this juicy tidbit of wisdom, but when I do, it will make for a perfect link in any Web 2.0 FAQ. Oddly enough, if properly done, the blog vehicle could be the very thing to help a local newspaper break out of its vestigal media rut. Unfortunately the old press has been trained to deliver information in one direction only. It will be interesting to watch this evolution happen in our fair city.

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