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Alternative Search Engines for the Adirondacks

June 3rd, 2006 · 1 Comment · Miscellania

Update: Google is a hero to everyone that supports free speech
(Incredibly, only one dead-link in the bunch below…)

Suspicious of Google Search results? Here’s a great list of alternatives to the teetering behemoth known as Google. I’ve had some good results with and – they’re not perfect, but it sure feels good to have an alternative.

More Info:

Google News Bias – Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,

Neutrality for thee, but not for me in China

Has Google peaked?

Brin says Google compromised principles

China ‘blocks’ main Google site

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    […] Alright, I’ll stop bugging Google about Human Rights. One thing they are kicking butt with is their mapping technology. Remember the ‘old days’ when Mapquest was the big deal? Working in an info center exposes me to my share of interesting people. Some of the most lost are those with print-outs from some ancient online mapping service. But back to the point – Google Maps is awesome and is becoming a ubiquitous part of internet life. If you’ve never heard of a ‘mashup‘, then you should give the concept a good think. […]

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