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Google Adirondack Birding, get a Lens and Feed from Squidoo

October 4th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Destination Marketing

I’ll be honest, as a Lensmaster I’d have to say I’ve enjoyed limited success. Much has to do with time and motivation because I’m generally lazy and easily distracted. The concept of Squidoo is to have topic experts aggregate information in one location, thereby saving a person time. We all know that certain searches via Google can be cumbersome at best. Well, it seems that Google has recognized the benefit of the Lens and is rewarding them with high rankings.

A scan of today’s stats led me to this:

Google Search - adirondack birding

Well, isn’t that interesting. The lens and feed. How perfect and useful for someone searching for such a topic. In fact, just a bit further down in rank was the subdomain I created for the same lens page. Now for all those that had doubts about the lens as a viable info marketing tool should reconsider. What is the value of a #1 or #2 rank on Google? Also, this page had no advertising links – very rare in my experience. Let me be clear, I’m no birding expert, nor do I claim to be, so this is even more impressive in my little mind. I’m going to put some time into this long neglected lens – Hey Dean! I’m going to knock you off the top of the heap if your not careful.
adirondack birding – Google Search

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