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April 10th, 2007 · 5 Comments · News

Update: Since this post was originally written, the archives of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise are now Permalinks.  They are now the Best Newspaper in the Adirondacks!

Question: Are there any permanent archives of ADE articles online? Thanks.

Answer: Not at this time.

Migrated to recently. Pretty sweet handle. All the imported bookmarks were not shared so I’ve had to go through each one. Laborious, but interesting. Somehow I never noticed that the Adirondack Daily Enterprise only has articles online for 14 days. No archives. How lame is that? The above Q/A is from an email exchange with the “Webmaster”.

It is a real shame that some of the best reporting about the region is lost after 14 days. Not to mention the serious loss of Adirondack search engine mojo. How can a newspaper in the Adirondacks, specializing in Adirondack news, rank lower than this site for Adirondack News?

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