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Google Maps for Everyone

August 15th, 2007 · No Comments · Destination Marketing

I Love/Hate Google.

Seems that embedding Google Maps as easily as YouTube videos is imminent.

Google’s embeddable map feature out next week

Google will shortly roll-out a new feature on its mapping service that will allow users to easily embed maps directly into web pages.

My Maps allows users to customise maps by tracing routes, defining areas, adding text and hyperlinks and adding info pins which can pop-up photos and videos. (full article)

This is huge and will put loads of people dependent on enabling Google Maps on websites out of business. Should have seen that coming. That whole exercise of learning how to use the Google Maps API was fun while it lasted. Now anyone will be able to make a map and publish it instantly – if you have access to your site.

This whole thing is just plain freaking scary in a Brave New Google World way.

Resist the Google Toolbar and save humanity.

Still, Picasa does a fantastic job of indexing all the images on your hardrive. You can map them and upload to an embeddable Web Album or instantly Gmail them. Heck, why not view the KML in Google Earth?

When will the madness end? I’m still reeling from Street View.

Business Listings. $10 bounties for listings. Adwords. Uh huh.

1-800-GOOG-411 Now what? (I tried this for “Plattsburgh, NY – Plattsburgh City Beach” and miraculously was automatically connected to the Plattsburgh City Recreation Department.)

All Free?

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