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Entries from August 11th, 2008

New York State’s Top 100

August 11th, 2008 · 3 Comments · News

The Times-Union posted the 2008 NYS Public Payroll database the other day.  Pretty interesting stuff.

I’ve eliminated the “HOURLY” and come up with the 100 most highly paid NYS employees.  SUNY/CUNY dominate the list.

The total bill for the Top 100 – $31,829,940.

Top 100 Salaried Employees (top100.xls – 71kb)

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A Big Boating Party at Log Bay

August 8th, 2008 · 6 Comments · News

Log Bay - Lake George NYWow, I had no idea that this was going on every year.  I guess it’s just not part of my milieu.  Check out the recent enforcement report for this year’s LAKE GEORGE LOG BAY DAY that happened on July 28, 2008, the emphasis is mine:

NYSDEC Environmental Conservation Officer Lt. Tom Caifa, assigned to the Lake George Park (LGPC) Commission Marine Patrol, reports that there were 26 law enforcement officers on 15 vessels patrolling the Log Bay Day event. The vessels included four DEC Environmental Conservation Police personal watercraft.

Breakdown of Law Enforcement Personnel on the water

  • 10 LGPC Marine Patrol – 8 officers & 2 sergeants
  • 10 DEC Environmental Conservation Officers, 6 officers, 2 Lieutenants, and 2 Investigators
  • 4 Warren County Sheriff Deputies
  • 2 NY State Troopers

It is estimated that approximately 1200 people on 300 to 400 vessels participated in the event.

A total of 23 violations including 2 for reckless operations and 5 for boating while intoxicated, the remainder dealt with navigation law. The patrols also rendered first aid to 6 people, investigated 2 boating accidents, assisted 4 disabled vessels, dealt with 6 fights and participated in one rescue involving a near drowning.

NYSDEC Forest Ranger Lt. John Solan reports that 16 DEC forest rangers, including two Forest Ranger Lieutenants patrolled the state lands along the entire Shelving Rock shoreline, focusing on a 5 acre strip along Log Bay. DEC forest rangers also assisted Washington County Sheriff Deputies with a motor vehicle checkpoint at the intersection of Sly Pond and Shelving Rock Roads.

It is estimated that 275 cars, carrying approximately 1000 people, entered the Shelving Rock area throughout the day.

Forest rangers issued 30 tickets for various offenses including underage possession of alcohol, unlawful possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and fighting on state land. Forest rangers made two arrests for driving while intoxicated.

Forest Rangers and local emergency response teams also rescued two individuals that were injured when they fell from the Shelving Rock Falls. Dorleen Weslang, 20, of Lake George and a 16 year old male from Lake George were both carried to the top of the falls and then transported by ATVs to ambulances on the Shelving Rock Road. Both were determined to have been drinking at the time of their fall.

Washington County Sheriffs Deputies issued 38 traffic tickets at the road check. Deputies also made 2 arrests for unlawful possession of marijuana and 4 arrests for driving while intoxicated.

Washington County Emergency Services, West Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Department, Fort Ann Emergency Medical Services, Bay Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, and Bay Ridge Emergency Medical Services participated in efforts in the Shelving Rock area.

Now, I’m all for having a good time, but this seems a little excessive.  Is there economic impact surrounding this event?  Is everyone over 21?  Only 5 violations related to boating while intoxicated?  What’s the cost of providing all the law enforcement and fire/rescue coverage?

To bad they didn’t film a Cops episode.

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Early Fall Foliage Locations in the Adirondacks

August 7th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Destination Marketing

I got a request for some locations for a fall foliage video shoot which I may as well blog.  Here’s my 5-minute response:

On or around 9/15 is still pretty early, but there will be some trees beginning to change.  If you’re looking to “Kick-off” Foliage Season by finding the First Signs of Autumn in the Adirondacks, then I think it is completely doable.

Best chance of leaf change will be in our Northern area and higher elevations.  I asked about format because I was not aware of Xxxxxx doing any broadcast stuff, but video content I totally understand.  We can do anything from a simple shot at a conveniently accessible location to paddling or hiking a High Peak.  I’ve compiled a short list of possible locations which might suit – most around the Lake Placid area.  This shouldn’t exclude any place along the way or in between.  If you/they have any specific places or type of place, please let me know.

#1 ADK Park Visitor Interpretive Center – Paul Smiths

Located just north of Paul Smiths College, the VIC features a staffed Nature Center, hiking trails, and a good sampling of Adirondack scenery.  Easy access.  We could get a naturalist to offer information and “color”.  There are Adirondack Lean-to’s on site.
Paul Smith’s College VIC

#2 Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway

Pending weather conditions, a drive from Wilmington up to the top of Whiteface Mt via the Memorial Highway will likely feature the full range of possible foliage conditions. Gondola rides on the other side at the ski area are available Fri -Sun only, but if they arrive early it would be an option. Any of the other Olympic facilities are also possible with prior notice.
Whiteface Mt – Memorial Highway

#3 High Falls Gorge – Wilmington Notch

Located between Wilmington (Whiteface Mt) and Lake Placid, High Falls Gorge and Wilmington Notch offers some dramatic landscape. There are both waterfalls and flat water along the Ausable River with cliffs on both sides.
High Falls Gorge

#4 Wild Center

The Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, located in Tupper Lake. This important new attraction may also serve as a good backdrop. In addition to the museum facility, there is a trail system and river environment easily accessible.
Wild Center

#5 Adirondack Loj – Heart Lake Trailhead

The Adirondack Loj, operated by the Adirondack Mountain Club, is located just outside of Lake Placid.  Important both historically and as one of the principal trailheads into the High Peaks.  The location is has both water (Heart Lake) and a short hike with views (Mt. Jo).  There is also the High Peaks Information Center with ADK Club and DEC staff.
Adirondack Loj

#6 Adirondack Museum

Located in Blue Mountain Lake, the Adirondack Museum is another important anchor attraction.  During that time they continue to have several special exhibits and they are just getting ready for the Adirondack Antiques Weekend.  This location is the furthest south, so color will be just beginning at the upper elevations.
Adirondack Museum

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