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Leroy Douglas (Douglas Corp) Linkdump

January 4th, 2011 · 2 Comments · News

LeRoy Douglas (Douglas Corp) was just indicted and arraigned for environmental crimes. So many stories and angles, most missing details.

Map of Douglas Resort

Here’s my linkdump:

Satellite: 1995 2006 2009 Bing (click, arrow right-left)

The Property involved is better known locally as Douglas Resort.
(FB, TripAdvisor)

Campground owner sues Ad’k CouncilComplaint (PDF 2mb)

Douglas files federal suit against APA, Adirondack Council

Critics, lawsuit claim Adirondack Council sways APA decisions unfairly (audio)

Adirondack Council Calls on Supreme Court Justice to Dismiss Lawsuit Designed to Silence Organization’s Advocacy

AG still reviewing request to investigate APA

Douglas’s Attorney Fires Back at Adirondack Council
(Briggs Norfolk LLP)

Lawyer takes on the state

LeRoy Douglas takes case to federal court

Road to trouble

Douglas Letters (PDF)

Blackbrook – Roundup

APA to drop enforcement case against Silver Lake man

Adirondack Council wants Douglas case dismissed

Silver Lake Property Owner to Sue Adirondack Council (PDF)

Alleged environmental violation under review

Douglas arraigned; defense seeks special prosecutor

In Black Brook, big landowners’ fight with New York widens

Property-rights defender pleads not guilty to environmental charges

Confidential data illegally revealed by DEC

Leroy Douglas seeks charges against DEC spokesman

New turn in DEC case against Douglas

Neighbor: Son framed his father

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  • dave

    That TripAdvisor review was a fun read.

  • TourPro

    I never accept Tripadvisor reviews without many caveats.

    There are so many obviously faked reviews in that system, it is almost useless. Negatives are often real, but probably subjectively tainted.

    I also like to look at the reviewer’s record. If they have many reviews – a power-user – then their opinions are quite useful. Those with only one review strike me as fake or someone really pissed.

    There are better (more fun) reviews out there.

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