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A Theoretical Destination Marketing Plan

May 18th, 2011 · No Comments · Destination Marketing

The Adirondacks - Our Great National PlaygroundSome recent discussion regarding Adirondack Tourism Marketing hits on a topic near my heart. I don’t think anyone would argue about tourism’s importance as a crucial part of our economy. But how to effectively market our destination seems to have generated a variety of comments. Some useful, others very uninformed. I once had the joy of thinking about this very topic, and wrote-up a plan for consideration. So rather than join the fray with my own comments, I thought I’d share my ideas. Not official, implemented, or endorsed by anyone other than me.

Purpose of the Plan

Provide a road map which will guide actions, activities, and programs.
Identify key strategic priorities for the next 5 years.

Organization Membership

The counties as defined by the I Love NY program and/or the Bylaws.

Mission Statement and Vision

To increase tourism visitation to the Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Region.
To be recognized as a unique, multi-season destination.

Strategic Priorities

  • Consistently and effectively promote the Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx brand
  • Increase visitation and spending in the Xxxxxxxxxx Region
  • Expand tourism season to maximize economic benefit
  • Generate high quality inquiries for all members
  • Recognizing our strengths, aim to disperse visitation throughout the Xxxxxxxxxx Region
  • Provide low cost advertising opportunities and promotional tools for tourism constituents throughout the region

Marketing Activities

Brand Marketing – Job #1
Develop and Promote the Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx brand through:

  • advertising, collateral, trade marketing, internet, public relations, strategic partnerships

Public Relations

  • Media relations and visits
  • Traditional PR – writer assistance and story pitching
  • Press release creation and distribution

Visitor Services

  • Branded Information Centers
  • Comprehensive Information Services – Internet, Print, Fulfillment
  • Community Management – Inquiry Response, Q/A, Brand Marketing

Education and Advocacy

  • Education programs for tourism businesses
  • Liaison with Organizations and Stakeholders
  • Position Statements on Tourism related issues

Research and Analysis

  • Develop Metrics for Internal Measurement
  • Gather and Report Tourism related Economic Indicators
  • Aggregate and Analyze Available Tourism Research
  • Conduct Original Research

Situational Analysis

Strengths – Our USP

  • Adirondack Park | Forest Preserve | Wilderness | Scenic Beauty
  • Proximity to Feeder Markets
  • Safety and Security
  • Authentic Americana
  • Value

Challenges and Threats

  • General Economic Conditions | CCI Decline
  • Cost of Doing Business | Taxes | Energy | Labor | Regulation
  • Tourism Infrastructure | Cell Coverage | Broadband
  • Traditional Transportation Barriers | Costs
  • Seasonality | Weather
  • Environmental | Conservation Issues | Invasive Species
  • Budget | Funding | NYS | ARTC


  • Availability of the Internet to enhance and extend the region’s market reach
  • Canadian Exchange / Demand
  • Demographic Changes | Boomers | Gen – X/Y

Marketing 2008

Target Markets

  • Boomer/Mature, Shoulder-season Travelers, Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts, Scenic Touring, Family
  • NYC Metro, Canada, NYS Feeders, All Others

Spring – hike, raft, bird, fish, bike, events
Fall – foliage, hunt, paddle, hike, bike, shopping, events
Winter – snowmobile, ski (dh & xc), snowshoe, spa, shopping, events
Year-round – Events, Group Tour, SMERF

“First-Time Visitor”

  • Brand Awareness Marketing
  • Information Services
  • Ambassador Program
“Extend the Season”

  • Retention Marketing
  • Boomer Targeting
  • Shoulder-season and/or Weatherproof Elements

2009 -2012

Continue to Develop and Implement the Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx brand.

Updated this for a friend: A Plan

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