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City of Glens Falls Gets New Logo

April 25th, 2007 · 3 Comments · News

City of Glens Falls LogoI like it. Simple, refined, and with personality behind the design. The Base Camp could use a logo too. Any suggestions?

Update: Seems not everyone likes the logo.

Logo not worth the price tag – Glens Falls logo design should have been open to local artists

The Post-Star editorial asks, “As for the design of the logo itself, why go to an outside source?

I’m sure the long-time association that Mayor Roy Akins had with I Love NY has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Found this, no big deal really. Sounds like a reasonable plan actually.

City of Glens Falls – IDA 5-16-06 MEETING MINUTES (DOC)

Mayor Akins stated on the LDC and IDA they’ve been trying to find the right logos. With the City’s Centennial coming up he had been looking for a logo and print material for the 2008 celebration and for the City to use thereafter. He reached out to Milton Glasier and asked him if he was willing to jump in to this question with him. He said he would be willing to work with him on developing a logo and a poster, which they could sell and he would sign 100 of them. It will cost between $20-25,000 for the entire package – $10,000 for the logo and $15,000 for the poster, which they could sell to get some of the money back. It would help create a new image for the City and a cornerstone to work with thereafter.

After discussion, the following resolution was passed:


On the motion of Commissioner McPhillips, seconded by Commissioner Robinson, all voting affirmatively, it was

RESOLVED THAT, the Glens Falls Industrial Agency hereby approves funding of up to $25,000 for a City logo design and Centennial poster project to be done by Milton Glasier.

Here’s a mention about the logo. Funny coincidence that these “astute” and “curious” folks found this same story!

The astute members of our Logowatch Team, Bierut and Millman, direct us towards this aesthetic scuffle in Glens Falls, New York, affectionately referred to as “Hometown U.S.A.” It appears Milton Glaser was paid $25,000 to create a logo commemorating the city’s centennial in 2008.

But being the rather design-curious folks we are, we checked with the city council records to find out how, for example, a name like Milton Glaser’s makes its way into a city council meeting in Hometown U.S.A.

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