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Develop the Adirondacks to Stop Crime

March 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Adirondack Life, News

If you listen to some “experts”, the burnt lumberjack might not have happened if the Adirondack Club and Resort “lawn care and maintenance jobs” were available. You mean those kids could have been mowing a lawn (4am, March) instead of torching the lumberjack?

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    Don’t you understand that the ACR will solve all these problems? And the ACR will also:
    Lower our taxes (even though the resort properties will be getting tax breaks – Gee I wonder who will pay the difference?)
    Provide jobs for everyone (we all know that there is a pool of out of work resort managers just sitting in Tupper)
    Revitalize the downtown (I am sure that those people that spend millions on ski in/out homes will ignore the fancy dining facilities on the mountain and thier own kitchen to spend all day in Tupper for burger)
    Resolve the issues with our youth population (I am sure that the resort would not hire some large contractor to care for the grounds – obviously they would want teenagers to take care of them at 4am)
    Draw people from far and wide to Tupper (Yup, Gore has it’s issues because it is too far from metropolitan areas but Tupper will make it – um, where is NYC again?)

    I just wish we would stop seeing this project as a silver bullet and realize IT’S JUST A BULLET headed straight for us.

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