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Skip Blogspot and Blogger

May 2nd, 2007 · 2 Comments · Miscellania

If you serious about blogging, leave the spam services behind.

These two services are nothing but a front for Google’s click-fraud. If you have a blog on one of these services, quit now.

This is really making me mad. Grrrrrrr.

Google Blog Search – adirondacks

The first 50 results are junk. Not exactly sure what the deal is with this particular bunch of blogs; I’m afraid to click those links.

Their blog service, their blog search, their algorithm, their ads. I consider this pollution of the virtual kind – into my piece of the world. Reporting junk blogs seems to have zero effect. Both services (same? WHO CARES.) don’t seem to do anything to stop the proliferation of these junk websites. They need to clean house.


3 out of 4 Google Blogger URLS Are Spam

Update 5/3/07: Wow!! Whoever that spammer/splogger was, he/she seems to have been excised from the Google Blog Search index. Can it be possible someone at Google heard me?  Unfortunately one is easily replaced by another.

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  • Amy

    Yeah, I’ve reported dozens of blogspot splogs when I find them lifting my content … and they sometimes send a message back saying something like “thanks, we’re busy, stop bothering us.” … Yet another friend of mine got email from Adsense threatening to kick him out of Adsense because he had written (on his legit blog) something like “support my sponsors.”

  • TourPro

    Hi Amy, thanks for chiming in.

    I’m actually scared of Google – they could kill an entire domain with a simple flick of the switch or ruin a legitimate affiliate for a violating a vaguely defined rule. You’d think that Google of all people would be able to find a solution to this problem if they wanted to.

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