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Adirondacks is all a’Twitter

March 16th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Destination Marketing

tourpro on twitter

I’m going to blast through this post because it’s hard to think through something that is changing as I write.

A week ago I started Twittering.  A fun learn.  Check out this meta-search: tourpro – Google

tourpro-google search

Hey, a free #2 and #3 isn’t bad, unless you are “TourPro loading”.  Some people would actually pay someone to achieve this result  Sure, it’s just the Freshbot.  But still.  One week and look at the rankings for my handle.  What is this thing?  What can we do with it?  How can we not ruin it?

Twitter.  What more can I say.  The future of search?  The future of tapping the hive-mind?  The future of web marketing?  Crap.  Another platform!  I like it.  And I’m not the only one in the Adirondacks to see the potential.

Say “Hi” to these folks, for example:

@TasteBistroLP – I think it’s the bartender at the Mirror Lake Inn.  I want a Twitter-tini.

@HighPeaksResort – Bill at the High Peaks Resort is the Social Media Man.  Heh, @Mojoista is also doing the #Highku.

@Adirondacks – The little Mouse that Roared.

@adktrailhead – I’m feeding this account with Delicious RSS.

@adk_council – The Adirondack Council

@lakeplacidcp – Lake Placid Crown Plaza

@PndragonTheatre – Pendragon Theatre

@thwfl – The Whiteface Lodge.  (why didn’t they take whitefacelodge?)

There are more and more users everyday.  Incredible who you might find.   Check out some of the folks on my follow list.  As a destination marketer, I see incredible potential here.  How about a virtual travel counselor?  Need a brochure?  I’ll twit you the PDF link.  But you know what?  We gotta keep it real.

So, who’s on, who’s not?  This list is not complete, I’ve “protected” a few for the real legitimate folks.  Have a look and draw your own conclusions. Whoever finds the common thread gets the booby prize.

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  • Greeneyezz

    Great post!!

    I’ve followed most! 🙂

    I’m also excited to have found your site as well as others in the ‘Dacks.

    I go every year and usually stay in the Lake Placid area. We already have our trip planned for the last week in September, and having the twitters to all of you will probably inspire me to come meet you all when I’m there.

    Great site and I look forward to perusing it more.


  • Small Pines

    Predictably, I tweeted this. Ha!

  • Martinha


    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments..

    Twitter.. aiaiaai.. the new mania.. love it..

    Have a nice week..


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