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The Next Generation of Olympians Descend on NYC May 10th

April 19th, 2011 · No Comments · Adirondack News

Meet Olympic Medalists & Sochi 2014 Hopefuls at Fundraiser in Central Park

LAKE PLACID, NY – Vancouver Winter Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalists will be in Central Park for an evening of entertainment to benefit the Next Generation of Olympians and Sochi 2014 hopefuls.

Andrew Weibrecht wins bronzeThis event presents a rare opportunity to meet Nordic Combined Gold and Silver Medalist Bill Demong, Super G Bronze Medalist Andrew Weibrecht, and aspiring Sochi 2014 athletes on a rare break from their rigorous training schedules. Olympian Casey Colby, U.S. Ski Team member Tommy Biesemeyer, U.S. Olympic Ski Jumpers Nicholas Alexander and Peter Frenette, and U.S. Olympic Biathlete Tim Burke will also be in attendance.

In 2010, New York’s premier ski program, the New York State Ski Educational Foundation, sent seven athletes to the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. NYSEF will host its first New York City gala fundraiser Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 6:30 pm in the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, New York City. Proceeds from ticket sales and an auction will be donated to the Endowment Fund to Support the Next Generation, and the NYSEF scholarship and general funds.

General admission tickets for the event are $250 and $150 for attendees 18 and under. Tickets may be purchased online at:

In partnership with NYSEF, the Next Generation gala event is sponsored in part by Northwood School and the National Sports Academy at Lake Placid, and will feature an auction, cocktails and dinner. Additional sponsors include the Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa, Whiteface Mountain and CJS Sales. For more information, contact Emily McGuire at or log on to

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It’s OK, but I’m not a Lumberjack

February 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Adirondack Life

One of the disconnects we enjoy in New York is the perception of NYC versus the rest of the state. We have misconceptions about them and likewise. I sometimes pick-up various city-type publications, like the New Yorker, and reading it makes me wonder if indeed this is the same planet that I live on. Camp Counselor

Not too long ago, the Sports Illustrated crew decided to do some local shots for their famed swimsuit issue. A guy I know had the gig of doing ‘authenticity consulting’ with them. Can’t blame these professionals for liking cool locations to bring their models and stuff. I really don’t understand why my kids don’t like going to camp.

A recent fashion show ‘down there’ is looking to capitalize on another misconception about North Country life.

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.

That’s what well-dressed dudes will be saying come autumn – judging from the ubermasculine mens’ looks stomping around so far at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

I like the fact that they are using the term ‘ubermasculine’. Sometimes when I look around me, the lines between feminine and masculine get confused – I don’t see many ‘well-dressed’ and they all look like ‘dudes’.

Early men’s shows were all about manly men clothes in earthy colors (New York is going to have a brown-out in September) and chunky textures that would be as home on hunters, anglers and mountain men in the Adirondacks as they will be on fashion-conscious men stalking their prey on Madison Ave. and Wall St.

Adirondack Lumberjack

What the heck is this?

I don’t like the way this trend is going at all.  Is this the result of branding the Adirondacks all these years?  I’m not even going to upload the pic of the ‘sweater pants’.  I defy anyone to ‘stalk’ any prey with this outfit on.  Hell, with those boots on, you couldn’t even run away from the real lumberjacks that would like to take this guy ‘logging’. And where does he hide his chainsaw oil?

Here’s my hot tip for city visitors:  Try not to go ‘native’ if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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